Tuesday, December 30, 2008

retracing a few steps

my vision is returning in jumps and start ... maybe fogs and mists dispersing is a better description, but my right eye is still very prone to infection and clags up frequently ...this is an excellent excuse not to go shopping (yet again) ... so yesterday .... or was it the day before? ...I found myself trying my arm at sketching from the web once more ... was fun, even though the sketch was hazy ... I felt I was back on the way to being creative again

Friday, December 19, 2008

my big day out

i have finally done it ... gone out by myself ...even used public transport and no one seemed to notice my bleariness ... it was such a big thing ... means i am on the mend

I don't mean to be ungrateful, i have been looked after very well ... i;m just yearning for bloke stuff ... not shopping malls and endless conversations about relationships ... just a beer and a yarn about sailing or sport ...and meals with meat!

well i made it got to my destimation and home again :) life can be a series of small steps.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

watching art grow

if you are into trhe performance of painting ... there are a few good "time lapse" videos of works in progress ... and Paul Cumes does a few good ones (like this). Just not sure why he needs the glove?

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Second sight

No doubt you have noticed I haven't been uploading a lot and I'm very quiet on flickr ... you see the problems is I have gone,at least officially, blind... and yes it is totally horrible ... i hate it ...but i can see ... dark and light in a very blurry and disconcerting way ...if i look long enough and squint I can sometimes make out people versus objects ... so I'm not really blind I just can not see what I'm expected too ...my world is confusing to say the least ...AND now I hate the bright lights of the medical specialist and the "how many fingers am I holding up?" question ...I just see a blur with fingers appearing and disappearing at will, sometimes it doesn't even resemble a hand in front of my face ... I don't know how many so just stop asking thank you ... just fix what ever you can!! please and do it soon!!

Well it s only 70 days since the real problems started and what a 70days. I last paid $1.69 per litre for petrol (before I had to stop driving). Whilst fanny and freddy had essentially collapsed and been picked up, the banks were still sitting mum and no one I knew was traking about a global financial crisis, heck interest rates where still high. Ok so a lot has changes but why does everyoine have such a gloomy, sullen disposition. It is nearly christmas, the coffe is still good and the shops are open and people are buying christmass presents. Just remember, it is now the time for some

"Peace on earth and good will towards men"

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

why is the blindman sketching?

Today I noticed a little girl watching me ... well I felt it first ... but she was watching me intently ... and eventually she asked her grandmum "why is the blindman sketching?"

Why is the blindman always sketching? on TwitPic

The answer is because i can ... and secondly i'm still a long way from being trely blind ... my vision impairment might make me "blind" from driving a car perspective but I can discern a few things in the blurred out glare I take for site now ... what more I don't think seeing and drawing are all that closely related ... maybe more on that later when I learn to type better in this mist and/or can understand when the narrator is stumbling on pronounciation or its really a typo! c'est la vie

(scanning and loading this sketch has taken forever ... still it was a tiny victory for independance)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Yummy Mummies its time to stand up

With the rapid loss of vision I have been confined to being a pedestrian and there is a limited place I'm allowed out on my own (very long story there that will remain untold)... anyway I am allowed to meander around the shops and coffee houses of maling road ... it an upmarket shopping strip beside canterbury stations ... deep in the inner east of melbourne ... not the haunt of old blokes, or even bohemians though.... is an expensive shopfest for yummy mummies ...these poor stressed out folk have the expensive clothes the silver four wheel drive and lots more tpo boot but they are terrorized by their screaming off spring ...its a conspiracy ...all the coffee shops have deep glass counters with the sweetest pinkest, sugar coated glittery, creamy with hundreds and tousnads-ist delight just at toddler level ... as soon as the spoilt brats eye lock on the content its tanturm time, scream, stamping of feet and a genuine looking set of tears for effect ..a flusteredf mum then grabs for her purse and orders the sweatly coloured goo "oh! and a baby'chino with that".... its all a bit distressing ...but I have some sound advice...

Yummy mummies learn to say NO!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

getting there ...one ping at a time

this ease of access stuff in vista is starting to make sense ... but i'm almost ready to turn the narrator off, especially microsoft anne she just rambles on and on ...some highlights though are trying to listen with the LH michelle syntehic voice trying to read twitter ... it side splittingly funny

the pity is most other parts of the web are just lots of stuttering and noise ... ok google itself and google mail are clean enough ...trouble is i am rapidly loosing the motivation to blog, tweet and post my art ...you see the real world is still full of delights, food, strong liquor, music, dancing and perfume ...and i don't have to listen to a scatter brain voice to be able to join in ...life is for living

:) haha anne speaks emote

Monday, October 20, 2008

Just what I didn't want ...

I think like many other flickr'ites the new home page snuck on me up like a horrible nightmare ... well a bit fright at the very least ... my scare was heightened by the fact that my vision id dissapearing and I had just got a new PC running vista and a lot vision impaired aids to help me fill in the bit I can not see well enough including a sad lady that reads webpages in monotone of misprouncication that make kath and kim sound like custonians of the queens english ... now not only have the whole layout change it have become cluttered with srange noise I can not even being to understand. flickr was once a clean and tidy place to look at photos and other images ... not quite a on-line gallery but close enough ...now it is a kitch clone of yahoo groups, myspace and facebook on all the worse of bling, glitz and gadgetry of glamourless me-too-ism ...so sad

luckily the email end of flickrville is still nice and clean and I got nice invites to groups like I say no and we all hate the new homepage.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


complications ...is not a word you want to hear after surgery ...so damn damn damn ...i knew why i try to avid hospitals ... ahhh such is life ...but my vision is important and using computers is straining my already frustrated self ... so I'm going to give them a break ...take all the medicine and be a good boy

.... but I reckon you won't be able to stop me drawing, sketching or painting ... even though they might be tending to the abstract

Sunday, October 05, 2008


watercolour on paper

Friday, October 03, 2008

reckless in charge of a pencil

I have been having to visit the big smoke ... the eye & ear hospital regularly and I haven't managed to find a good coffee shop (...cafe) nearby so i have become a bit promiscuous, for a coffee drinker, and have been drinking around... well this morning at a chain-style cafe I was told I had to stop sketching and would I like to leave...What the?

This is the offending sketch... its a little dirty because a latter charcoal effort has rubbed off onto it ... such is life ... not sure what the problem was ....it was just two girls in shorts ... ok they were very short ... having a ciggy outside and joking around ... they are not in some kind of embrace ... just having fun out in the sun ... all pretty innocent to me ... maybe itis the sketching itself that is the bad habit ...in the same way that you can not take pictures at the nearby train station ...maybe terrorist have taken up sketching and I was comprimising national security.

Well I wont be drinking there again so I'm still looking for a nice cafe at the top end of melbourne between parliment station and the eye & ear hospital? ...all recommendations welcomed.

...thought i needed to add the aussie crawl song reckless, one of my favs ...she don't like kinda behaviour

Thursday, October 02, 2008

less can be more

i'm struggling ... i'll admit that ... not just on the eye front, my work if frustrating me ... i am wrecking more and more works, i just can't stop overdoing it ...i need to remember that I don't need to glaze and put thin washes over eveerything ... sometimes it is the very fewest of shapes and lines and colours that gives the strongest emotions ... and the time to stop!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'm not really cranky ...more like frustrated

my artist output has been considerably ham strung over the past few weeks for good reasons i had an eye operation, my scanner is on the blink and I'm getting frustrated with myself ... simple things are getting habits of both taking longer than i think and worse ...not always working

still i am fairly patient ....ok i have made three ladies cry recently ...but there were circumstances and they all know to come the officious, bureaucratic procedural crap on me ...what i meant to say was that I will persevere and keep going till they job gets done .... to my satisfaction ... which can be long after most others give in ...the bitter pill with my sketching was that laboring over a painting, specifically watercolour, just results in an ordinary composition and muddy colours... just as i was learning to be quicker and more spontaneous, suddenly my eyes where letting me down ...then I wasn't choosing the right colours or tones either .... this sketch was a case in point ... it started out a while ago ... I ruined it with too many washes ...so i simply washed then back, rubbing them & soaked them away ... then I added more ... ruining it again, more washed and some gouche ... more rubbing ... then charcoal ... layers of goodness followed by mistaken strokes and colours ...and all the time cutting it back, simplifing focusing on the feel ...the result is nice and mellow ... I have lost the focus in the curves and light in the necklace but there is a charm in all that reworking and strength in the curves... kind of like being a frustrated and cranky old bloke who is starting to worry he will be stop being young at heart .... but that is just silly creating good art keeps you young!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

30 thousand visitors

apparently i was wrong ... i was thinking it would be nice to celebrate having my 30,000th visitor to this humble sketchblog... something that is likely to happen tonight. i was shown the error of my ways by a very young and very net savy daughter of a friend who investigated my site rathertha watch the final episode of doctor who ... ok she did watch when captain jack was on the screen ...but what she discovered is that I have lost my loyal followers ... most visitors where where not return visitors ... i had become promiscuous ...my pulling posers where diminissing ... big deal i said .... and that was a big mistake ... did i get an ear bashing, and I have to admit a lot made sense ...i wamnerd around all over the place art, techy junk in poor grammar and i wont even mention the special criticisms of the illustrations ... so young net savy folk, sorry this place will remain bit pedestrian but i am sorry if I have bored anyone with my art .... that is one area i will diligently continue to work on improving ...so if you are a regular reader please tell me what draws you back so I might strive to improve that as well.

PS opps my eyesight must not have been on the ball yesterday (when I wrote this), still another 1000 to go ...still no reason not to seek feedback and what you would like to see my blof focus on.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

something deeper

just rene

Watercolour on paper

Thursday, September 25, 2008

don't blame the messenger

this is a promotional clip from a new ABC/tripleJ program called the Hack Halfhour, you can download a vodcast of the first show here ... i think whilst it may not answer all the questions ...it does ask the right questions ...what is the implication of "sharing" personal stuff about our lives on-line ...it is a complex issue and yes there are dangers, but there is so much to gain ...instead of hysteria about youtube being responsible for the finish school shooting (btw it wasn't youtube it was the gunman that killed!) we urgently need more open discussion about what powerful tools social network gives us today ... tools that can be used to solved the many problems that face our society today

two interpreations

watercolour artpad on-line sketch
Two variation on a flickr friend's portrait, convetional watercolour on the left an artpad "sketch" on the right, click here to watch the on-line painting process.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

talk about pork barreling

well this is about the most perfect justice for all the overhype of the USA pork barreling and such ...

the artist name is pricasso (if you look carefully on his site you will find his real name and if you ask nicely he may do a portait of you)

The gates of baku

watercolours on paper

I sketched these a few weeks back ...had almost forgotten them ...these are just two simple quick sketches i liked ...i think they captured the day and the feel of the place.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

bigger must be better ...right?

new pallet on the left, old on the right
I have to admit that i am a tad dissappointed with my vision particularly up close ...well actually my arms are no longer long enough ...so detail paint strokes are a strain further and even more distressing is the ability to mix just the right colour and keeping it separate on my palette ... lots of buggers and other french adjectives ... so I've taken the bull between the horns and bought a much bigger pallette with lots of space and I think I'm on the right track again.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Ink Blots - trying out art.com's artpad

i have had a bit of fun trying out art.com's new tool artpad ... my first effort is not quite up to paopi's wonderfully beautiful ink blots (see also her blog)... still it is a lot of fun and the saved image capture all your brush strokes, so that the entire painting process can be viewed at any time by others ...how a art work is created lets you see the roots of its beauty, and feel the life develop in it. Click on the gallery image on the right and see what I mean.

serious artistists take note: ok there is a downside art.com own everything you save and do on their website so you are signing away your rights to arkworks by using it, You give art.com a royalty free license.

Friday, September 19, 2008

is easily amused

Not sure why? ...i`m well o'er all th' shipmate and pirate jokes on accoun' o' me eye patch ...but i jus' love this shipmate speak translator... perhaps its th' big boys an' new toys thin' ... but its a blast ... an' I be shpore I`ll bore all on twitter an' utterli well before I get tired o' this.

Don't panic and no need to look up your daughters its just international talk like a pirate day.

technology on art

technology can get into art also

Thursday, September 18, 2008

bolder, firmer, lighter

Bold in pink

Watercolour on paper

My experiments with watercolours are continuing ...I love the medium ...butI think I am going to start disagreeing with the conventional wisdom that watercolour is an unforgiving medium ... sure i have ruined a lot of my own work ... but i don't thoink blaming the medium is the right approach ... watercolours live the paint crawls and pools and diffuses across the page in many ways sometime horrid but often in the most beautiful ways ... so the painter, ...the creative control, needs to use and guide these natural forces ... to me that was a big revelation ... be confident and bold with the brush strokes and let the medium calm down the drama and pull it together ... use washes and glazes to let the viewer's eye mix the colours ...don't obsessively muddy my palette & the paintin with too many shades and hues ... let the colours run and blend and dance

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

getting into the loop

Want to become more intimately involved with my art?

Regulars who read this blog will probably know of my passion to get original art on technology ...beginning with all those screens that all of us look at everyday. Why not start with your phone ...So if you have a mobilephone or iphone with WAP or WiFi access, point its browser at the following address or use the QRcode. That's all that is required.


problems with the unauthentics

I administer a few groups (perhaps to many) on flickr ... mainly grown up groups (18+) that mainly allow nakedness and this seems to have become a honeypot for folk with fake ID, stolen photos and anti-social behaviour ...I'm starting to worry that there are a lot of weirdos on the web ...but it is going against my general opinion of what social networking and web 2.0 are all about ..in fact i have for the past couple of years been quick to jump to defend the social networking phenomena ...normally locking horns with those peddling the broad generalization that nude equals pornography and all old men on the net are perverts, and anything popular of the web must be porn ... because these things simply are not true.

There where a few signs, I should have noticed ... i fairly quickly didn't like second life, because everyone was so busy being something they are not ... and ending up being mass carbon copies of each other in an air brushed glamour/pseudo celebrity way ...that scared me away ... also myspace (yes I used to have a myspace page) became like that as well but in a kitchy glitzy (sorry bling) way ... i realized that was what younger folk than i wanted (they wanted to be noticed and accepted as part of the cool group ...the grown up folk that blogged and flickr'd and twittered still seemed authentic and original and nice to be with...but the door is open and some of the "look@me'ism" and fakr wanna bees are infiltrating flickr and twitter ... and it is so boring.

I for one don't think it is adolescent boys or dirty old men ...I think there are just lots of folk that are scared to be themselves ...& why do so many guys think using a "hotgirl" ID and posting stolen images is not strange?.... they are easy to spot but why are they doing it? surely ts not the small dick thing ...but why oh why must I spend time removing and blocking so many now ...grow up people.

Here are a few more sensible words on the subject of on-line authenticity from suze (a twitter friend)she has also started a promising podcast geekgrls

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

late afternoon at the beach

marie on the beach

watercolour on paper

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

out in the sunshine

pencil on paper

The beautiful spring weather is letting me enjoy the great pleasure of working in the outdoors, sketching and painting quickly, soaking up the warmth and delicacy of the light, watching the shadows dance and the whole world blossom

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

another melbournian beauty

Diane Watercolour on Paper

It is spring and the beauties of melbourne are venturing out into the sun ...letting their hair down, having fun ....and maybe frocking up as well for the spring racing carnival ...and life is good

Thursday, August 28, 2008

one of the 365 days of Candy Snap

A fellow melbournian, candysnap is an accomplished film director, photographer , new media guru and prominent twitterer, but best of all she is now our official International Digital Entertainment Festival Co-Ordinator.

Keep your eye out for her work.

candysnap with yellow flower
watercolour on paper

Sunday, August 17, 2008

still doodling

still sketchingthose torso ...marker pens and watercolour

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A little time out

seems i have a few medical issue to attend to if i want to keep my vision which i do ... so it could be a few weeks before I get up the courage to tackle the interwebz again ... don't despair I intend to be back ... and sketching more than ever

Sunday, August 03, 2008

a study of rosebud

rosebud lowry study, originally uploaded by sigh clone.

watercolour on paper

Saturday, August 02, 2008

media monkey in ...itunes out

I have had a stressful few days .. I like music and love my ipod and mp3.. I am ever so slowly converting my CD collection into MP3s ... for a while now (ok exactly after I let my ipod play with a borrowed apple computer) it has been as sulky and uncommunicative as any teenager ... recently it hasn't wanted to download podcasts (I enjoy podcasts, most probably because you can listen too them when you want) and the ones it has downloaded have become hidden under the music parts of my ipod which means I can't delete them from itune (and while there, why the heck can't you delete files from the ipod menu? or are we being protected from oursleves in the clasic appline ways) .. ok to cut the long story short I decided to upgrade my Itunes to version 7.7 (it had been nagging me to do so for a while)... ok ok, I should have type "itunes 7.7 problems" into google first and seen the thousands of angry items... but hey it seemed like a good idea at the time ... I'll spare you every detail but the update crashed and attempte to reload it got the repair or unistall response (even though i clicked on install) and neither of those worked either> Then many hours later I found some wisdom that I had to download an install cleanup routine from mircosoft then re-install itunes (I will not give all the messy details, my advice is JUST DO NOT UPGRADE to Itunes Version 7.7 on a pc)... then the TRAGICALLY BAD BIT ... my entire music library was trashed!

Then a friend said try media monkey. Less than ten minutes later the software was downloaded, the ipod talking to the computer ... and media monkey was sifting through my Mp3s making them look like a library again, and I have selected a wicked PSP like skin on the monkey media player... but there is one down side I haven't got media monkey scrobbling to last.fm yet! ...such is life

Friday, August 01, 2008

torso time again

Watercolour on Paper

Art on technology ...just got closer

Regular readers will know I have been rabitting on for a while about the need to get more original art onto the many screens that make up out interaction with that thing called the internet ...only there is more too it than that ... the many devices and style of communication we have today is instant and all embracing but it is sterile and cold ... it has no soul ... ok some myspace and facebook sites can be over-loaded with too much kitch paraphernalia, but unfortunately most of that is mass copied, generally without the original creators permission ...well I do think there is a better way ... and so i have created a mobilephone friendly online sketckbook over at tumblr.

My works that I place here are all covered by a CC (creative commons) license, so you are free to copy and use them for private purposes, such as a screen wallpaper on your phone (but you can not use then for any commercial purpose, like including them in something for sale or where they are display on a site that earns you advertising revenue etc). But please seek permission from sigh and the models concerned if you with to display them on a website, blog homepage. It will generally be granted.

Creative Commons License

If you have a mobilephone or iphone with WAP or WiFi access, point its browser at the following address. That's all that is required.


Alternatively if your phone can read QRcodes aim its camera at the code below

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Second time lucky?

I loved the delicacy of light and tone in the chrisnmonicas original photo ...earlier attempts ended unfortunately ... but such ripe roundness of form and monica's shy delicate smile were all too inspiring, firstly in charcoal then in a second attempt using a series of watercolour washes.

Watercolour on paper

I trust I have captured the delicacy better this time

Red reclining

Watercolour & pencil on paper

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oh no not that!

I've just had some disturbing news from my doctor ....i've felt dizzy and disoriented for a while ... and mostly not self inflicted (via overindulgence) ...seems i have some serious pressure problems in my eyes that this is causing a kind of come and go blurriness ... I had put down to the aftermath of previous problems. Am I supposed to stress out at the grim prognosis? ...rather I just want it to go away ... cause I know deep inside I have been ignoring it ...but why so many tests? ...what are they going to say ...other than make some doctors/medical test centers a little richer

the unfortunate wash

Watercolour washes on paper

It seems to have been a long time since I last did a watercolour sketch of my flickr friends .. maybe to long ...in my excited of getting a good ground for the blue in monicas's dress ... i let things get to soggy and the colours bleed and bloomed ... such is life ...pity it happens when you think you have captured the light ...oh well i just have to learn and try again

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Good Content Trading & Timer Wasters

I'm glad to see that it is not only me ...that is a bit taken aback when trying to use an Apple Mac after becoming used to something else (aka microsofts various window clones, XP being my current burden) ...BUT what is the great appeal ... ok it does some basic things easily ... BUT it only does things ... there are never any buttons or switches to the creative stuff ...or even the mundane ... and everything seems to depend on tracking the mouse around the screen and a number of twickes on the mouse ...just getting the mouse trained to interpret my hand movements seemed a task and a half. me thinks the apple mac is for those people with a lot of time on there hands and not a lot of things to actually do

...SO where does that leave me ... I'm really a self taught user butIi'm already leaning towards the open source community ... yes all those geeks ... they are actually the creative folk the peoples I think I need to be with .... not the flashy "look at me" types in second life and with the noisey overtop myspace and facebook pages filled with every glitzy widget there is ... it is definitely time to start putting a tax... opps I mean TRADING SCHEME .... on GOOD CONTENT ... we need to realize that there is only a finite bandwidth and time to absorb it ...lets get rid of the me-too pollution on the interwebs

Monday, July 21, 2008

natural curves

Some time ago I inherited the private flickr group natural curves ... which at the time was loadedup with "glamour" shots stolen from others ... and particularly porn sites ...flickr doesn't seem to worry about that but it annoys the heck out of me ... firstly they are pretty boring, stereotypical, naked should mean porn anyway and I don't approve of stealing other work and posting it as your own ... So I set about deleting all the photos I could reasonably discern should not be there ...it took months ...there was a bit of flame mail but I stood firm ...& introduced moderation on submitted photos ...SO NOW flickr has again a place for curvy ladies and their photographer friends to post decent photos that pay homage to the wonderful curves of the human body ... hey blokes can be posted too, its just ladies have more curves. ... i also still moderate the public group the funbag fascination, which is also still civilized in its homage to naked female reasts

These couple of sketches are candidates to become the new buddy icon for the group.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bigglesworth the penguin

Sometimes inspiration lurks in strange place ...not sure just why i started drawing red head penguins with bare feet ... oh thats right my timelady twitter friend, describes herself as one ...I find it is easy to be amused on twitter, even when it is working! ...anyway somewhere between that and a wood pecker I started imagining a super hero (or heroine) spheniscidaeian that could fly (as in the sky) ... well the red WWII aviator's helmet just seemed very appropriate... I wonder if Dr Who needs the little fella to help around the tardis

And some people have the gall tosuggest twitter is one of the worst time wasters on the web

Friday, July 18, 2008

the haircut

OK I'm a bloke and an old one at that... but there are still a few things I don't get about girls ... the all taking at the same time things and the obsessions with haircuts (and/or new "colour") ... what I do know is often they are always at their most radiant just before and just after the "new haircut" ... & deep in my brain there is a entry that says this is the very best (actually no the only) time to sketch a female friend ... I think it is because it is a fleeting moment when they are at one with themselves and their self image ... well it is my experience that it is a fleeing moment ... before the tantrum and storming off to have a shower and mutter about never going back to that person again .... just glad I'm a bloke

I could not manage to find a video of the waif's performing their wonderfully insightful "the haircut" but this young lady gives her all for the sang ... ok she tries too ... but I guess you will get the picture

The Haircut (The Waifs cover)

[via FoxyTunes / The Waifs]

armed & dangerous

I have had a lot of computer hassles lately so I have decided that i will stop worrying and just use what every is around... I wouldn't say I becoming obsessed with using computers in public ... ok I am actually starting to worry about some of the long time users at the local internet cafes and library... but I don't think I need to be as monogamous in my computer use ... infact my best work is inevitably done when my no using my computer... SO I'm on a interwebs computer diet kind of thing, looking to be slimmer and trimmer ...moving all my web interaction onto my sexy little black sports version of a memory key, using portable apps (gimp in particular), for my general purpose camera and scanner(using shozu & qipit) there is my mobile phone ... ok and i still need a pencil, pen, rubber & sketchpad ...ok there is no room for backups and archives but that's what the webs there for ... isn't it? Such is life

Monday, July 14, 2008

deja vu bebo guru

Bebo GuruFlashback
I pause and listen, its a very simple melody, a flash back flashes as I listen to songs from my past, and I loose myself down memory lane, ...in a sentimental phase, ...it makes me sad... isn't it strange how a song can trigger such emotion. The memory can seam just like yesterday, light happy and full of fun and laughter, healing those deep wounds. I often wonder how you could begin to paint such emotion, does an image or a photo have to be personal, before you experience the moment, unlike a music which is likely to find a share experience...or is colour like melody and tonal balance like an unwritten song.

Flashback by bebo guru
can be downloaded, at the moment for free, from Last.fm

Thursday, July 10, 2008

monetization for nothing

One of the sessions I enjoyed most at pubcamp was the debate between Richard Walsh (representing the old school) and Browen Clune (the new whatever, it isn't really a school so much as a conversation. I really like her terminology of control media versus free media. BUT I worry that everyone is getting the perception that on the net, means free. The struggling creative type mentioned by richard, wont be able to sell anything even enough to buy beer. YET at the same time i worry about all the talk of monetization on the web, is just cover up for ways that the advertising networks (based in old school practices) can mop up any value before it reaches the creatives. Sad but such is life.

I feel the interwebs are a fatastic gallery to display your most creative work, but I don't yet know how to ensure that some value can trickle back to the creators ... or am I just a naive old bloke ... with a romantic view of the artist and bohemian as an enhancer of life and society?

Browen Clune has just recently posted a late account of her view of pubcamp

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

First blog post from ping.fm

My head is spinning with despair ... my notebook is sick again ... and now my scanner is getting bad tempered it did not like that horrid appleMac i borrowed and it has been moody ever since... my ipod is the same ... it is cold and if this cyber cafe didn't have such good coffee i'd be by a warm fire enjoying a beer by now and maybe some good conversation ...instead I'm think about technology and art, and the patience required ...tapping on a strange keyboard and wondering ....evil thoughts ...should i visit harvey norman or dick smith on my way home ...or try a fourth time at the service center ...loyalty wins ...one more chance you snotty nosed service brats.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

the story behind the Twitter cocktail

On sunday we had a big house warming party ...and I was barman ... some time into the proceedings talk of the best cocktails merged with some heated discussion about things interweb and stalking, pedophiles and other weirdos... i was in a minority but we all like twitter so ... well somehow... this drink was born, a cocktail in less than 140 characters! ... and it was good

The Twitter Cocktail :: start with sugar cube covered in blue curacao, half shot of richard, top up glass with shaved ice & then lemonade

Ricard is a commercial version of the popular french aperitif pastis. The sugar cube dates back to the absinthe rituals and the blue curaco was the only blue liqueur I could lay my hands on. The shaved ice turns the ricard & curaco a milky light greeny blue, the shade of the default twitter background. BUT be warned the twitter is a drink to be savored slowly over much conversation, and just keep topping up the lemonade ...two or more and your tweets may become illegible.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

(: now I need three interwebs windows ..browser, twitter & ping
g'morning m'blog world
... I wonder if ping.fm will work better than gtalk (;

words of peace

My words for peace list is getting longer but not really a tree worth yet, peace שלום (Shalom) سلام мир 和平 mir mino klid fred mano vrede rauha paix Frieden ειρήνη pace 평화 pokój paz

if you know the word peace in another languages please email me or leave a comment ...merci