Monday, July 14, 2008

deja vu bebo guru

Bebo GuruFlashback
I pause and listen, its a very simple melody, a flash back flashes as I listen to songs from my past, and I loose myself down memory lane, a sentimental phase, makes me sad... isn't it strange how a song can trigger such emotion. The memory can seam just like yesterday, light happy and full of fun and laughter, healing those deep wounds. I often wonder how you could begin to paint such emotion, does an image or a photo have to be personal, before you experience the moment, unlike a music which is likely to find a share experience...or is colour like melody and tonal balance like an unwritten song.

Flashback by bebo guru
can be downloaded, at the moment for free, from

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Bebo Guru said...

Hi Cyclone I'm Bebo Guru (Jon). Thanks so much for you comment re my song Flashback. Your blog was pointed out to me by a dear friend of mine and I was well chuffed. I'm pleased it stirred some emotion.