Monday, July 21, 2008

natural curves

Some time ago I inherited the private flickr group natural curves ... which at the time was loadedup with "glamour" shots stolen from others ... and particularly porn sites doesn't seem to worry about that but it annoys the heck out of me ... firstly they are pretty boring, stereotypical, naked should mean porn anyway and I don't approve of stealing other work and posting it as your own ... So I set about deleting all the photos I could reasonably discern should not be there took months ...there was a bit of flame mail but I stood firm ...& introduced moderation on submitted photos ...SO NOW flickr has again a place for curvy ladies and their photographer friends to post decent photos that pay homage to the wonderful curves of the human body ... hey blokes can be posted too, its just ladies have more curves. ... i also still moderate the public group the funbag fascination, which is also still civilized in its homage to naked female reasts

These couple of sketches are candidates to become the new buddy icon for the group.

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