Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bigglesworth the penguin

Sometimes inspiration lurks in strange place ...not sure just why i started drawing red head penguins with bare feet ... oh thats right my timelady twitter friend, describes herself as one ...I find it is easy to be amused on twitter, even when it is working! ...anyway somewhere between that and a wood pecker I started imagining a super hero (or heroine) spheniscidaeian that could fly (as in the sky) ... well the red WWII aviator's helmet just seemed very appropriate... I wonder if Dr Who needs the little fella to help around the tardis

And some people have the gall tosuggest twitter is one of the worst time wasters on the web


Anonymous said...

i will cop to the red haired bare foot thing, but i NEVER claimed to BE a penguin, just obsessively collect them!

nice pics btw:) what do you use to draw?

Cyclone said...

...i must confess i will draw with anything i can lay my hands on.... just like any kid this last sketch was draw with a marker pen and watercolour wash.

... I'm also experimenting with som "grown up" stuf like using GIMP, which I like but am struggling with (: