Friday, July 18, 2008

armed & dangerous

I have had a lot of computer hassles lately so I have decided that i will stop worrying and just use what every is around... I wouldn't say I becoming obsessed with using computers in public ... ok I am actually starting to worry about some of the long time users at the local internet cafes and library... but I don't think I need to be as monogamous in my computer use ... infact my best work is inevitably done when my no using my computer... SO I'm on a interwebs computer diet kind of thing, looking to be slimmer and trimmer ...moving all my web interaction onto my sexy little black sports version of a memory key, using portable apps (gimp in particular), for my general purpose camera and scanner(using shozu & qipit) there is my mobile phone ... ok and i still need a pencil, pen, rubber & sketchpad ...ok there is no room for backups and archives but that's what the webs there for ... isn't it? Such is life

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