Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'm not really cranky ...more like frustrated

my artist output has been considerably ham strung over the past few weeks for good reasons i had an eye operation, my scanner is on the blink and I'm getting frustrated with myself ... simple things are getting habits of both taking longer than i think and worse ...not always working

still i am fairly patient ....ok i have made three ladies cry recently ...but there were circumstances and they all know to come the officious, bureaucratic procedural crap on me ...what i meant to say was that I will persevere and keep going till they job gets done .... to my satisfaction ... which can be long after most others give in ...the bitter pill with my sketching was that laboring over a painting, specifically watercolour, just results in an ordinary composition and muddy colours... just as i was learning to be quicker and more spontaneous, suddenly my eyes where letting me down ...then I wasn't choosing the right colours or tones either .... this sketch was a case in point ... it started out a while ago ... I ruined it with too many washes ...so i simply washed then back, rubbing them & soaked them away ... then I added more ... ruining it again, more washed and some gouche ... more rubbing ... then charcoal ... layers of goodness followed by mistaken strokes and colours ...and all the time cutting it back, simplifing focusing on the feel ...the result is nice and mellow ... I have lost the focus in the curves and light in the necklace but there is a charm in all that reworking and strength in the curves... kind of like being a frustrated and cranky old bloke who is starting to worry he will be stop being young at heart .... but that is just silly creating good art keeps you young!

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