Sunday, July 06, 2008

the story behind the Twitter cocktail

On sunday we had a big house warming party ...and I was barman ... some time into the proceedings talk of the best cocktails merged with some heated discussion about things interweb and stalking, pedophiles and other weirdos... i was in a minority but we all like twitter so ... well somehow... this drink was born, a cocktail in less than 140 characters! ... and it was good

The Twitter Cocktail :: start with sugar cube covered in blue curacao, half shot of richard, top up glass with shaved ice & then lemonade

Ricard is a commercial version of the popular french aperitif pastis. The sugar cube dates back to the absinthe rituals and the blue curaco was the only blue liqueur I could lay my hands on. The shaved ice turns the ricard & curaco a milky light greeny blue, the shade of the default twitter background. BUT be warned the twitter is a drink to be savored slowly over much conversation, and just keep topping up the lemonade ...two or more and your tweets may become illegible.

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