Friday, October 03, 2008

reckless in charge of a pencil

I have been having to visit the big smoke ... the eye & ear hospital regularly and I haven't managed to find a good coffee shop ( nearby so i have become a bit promiscuous, for a coffee drinker, and have been drinking around... well this morning at a chain-style cafe I was told I had to stop sketching and would I like to leave...What the?

This is the offending sketch... its a little dirty because a latter charcoal effort has rubbed off onto it ... such is life ... not sure what the problem was was just two girls in shorts ... ok they were very short ... having a ciggy outside and joking around ... they are not in some kind of embrace ... just having fun out in the sun ... all pretty innocent to me ... maybe itis the sketching itself that is the bad habit the same way that you can not take pictures at the nearby train station ...maybe terrorist have taken up sketching and I was comprimising national security.

Well I wont be drinking there again so I'm still looking for a nice cafe at the top end of melbourne between parliment station and the eye & ear hospital? ...all recommendations welcomed.

...thought i needed to add the aussie crawl song reckless, one of my favs ...she don't like kinda behaviour

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