Sunday, September 28, 2008

30 thousand visitors

apparently i was wrong ... i was thinking it would be nice to celebrate having my 30,000th visitor to this humble sketchblog... something that is likely to happen tonight. i was shown the error of my ways by a very young and very net savy daughter of a friend who investigated my site rathertha watch the final episode of doctor who ... ok she did watch when captain jack was on the screen ...but what she discovered is that I have lost my loyal followers ... most visitors where where not return visitors ... i had become promiscuous pulling posers where diminissing ... big deal i said .... and that was a big mistake ... did i get an ear bashing, and I have to admit a lot made sense ...i wamnerd around all over the place art, techy junk in poor grammar and i wont even mention the special criticisms of the illustrations ... so young net savy folk, sorry this place will remain bit pedestrian but i am sorry if I have bored anyone with my art .... that is one area i will diligently continue to work on improving if you are a regular reader please tell me what draws you back so I might strive to improve that as well.

PS opps my eyesight must not have been on the ball yesterday (when I wrote this), still another 1000 to go ...still no reason not to seek feedback and what you would like to see my blof focus on.

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