Saturday, November 27, 2004

Why originality is so important

Yesterday was really hot in melbourne and I had a very productive day... cleaning and sealing an outdoor deck... lots of sketching.... but also lots of frustration with Yahoo and my web cam... and the bootings... so frustrating yet I always go back for more... does that make someone that should be in the B&D`fetish rooms... i nhope not...

Well my theory is I have found some real treasures in the BBW models I have sketched and been encouraged by.... and most importantly we are all having fun.... well mostly... there are a few pained expressions... but what I am doing is still original and helping me find a technique and style that I'm proud of... So THANK YOU girls

Des looking very elegant Posted by Hello

Thos was originally a lot heavier (with more graphite blacks) but I wanted to show the elegance of Des so I hit this one with a rubber and I am pleased with the outcome.

Some reworking required

Molly's sketch was interupted (so sorry about the rough line work and heavy graphite) Posted by Hello

Molly after some more rubbing and attention Posted by Hello

Friday, November 26, 2004

Cinderella I, devilish

A early watercolour (from a photo) Posted by Hello

My cinderella experimce set me looking for other illustrations I have never delivered. This was a photo from devil bitch, anyone know her?

Cinderella II, a real spanker

Spank in heavily overworked graphite (looking a bit worried) Posted by Hello

whilst i had a great time doing some sketches in big bellied ladies chat room today... a usual I got booted a few times... and had trouble getting back in... somehow, by accident i think, i ended up in a romm called sassy something and chanced upon a gorgeous girl with a spanking good name... she was very confident and handled her adoring audience well.... but I think she was a little scared of me sketching her... then suddenly she was gone and I was booted again... with do idea how to find her... infortunately this prince charming, cough cough, does not have a slipper... just a sketch...

I trust you like this whoever & where ever you are...

pencil working in some detail Posted by Hello

A pencil sketch of fluffy that didn't get far. Posted by Hello

Thursday, November 25, 2004

The very gorgeous Blue Halo (in overworked pencil) Posted by Hello

Back & Pencil Ready

The pencil back in my hand Posted by Hello

It seems like ages since I did a sketch of any of my friends on the net... I had a little try out of monday or was that tuesday... i've been in so mant time zones lately i'm time shifting without even getting on a plane... but I have missed the challenge of sketching... so watch out for me girls...

A pencil sketch of a real sweety Posted by Hello

Monday, November 22, 2004

Paris in autumn is cool but still romantic

Just thought this sketch I did a couple of weeks ago suited connies poll in the Big bellied ladies & their admireres group... if you haven't taken the survey yet... do it know.

Late Autum Evening in Paris (Pencil sketch of artists skeching tourists) Posted by Hello

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Life in the fast lane

I'm in singapore my next assignment will be here, maybe a year of
so... i had a great time in the UK and france with my friend who has
not traveled much.. so she was pretty stress but soon got used to the
go with the flow style I find works.. if you miss your train you have
missed your train approach... she survived. Now I'm looking for a good
place to set up office, once thats done I'm going to go back to the
solomons to do a hand over then down to OZ again.

Sorry I haven't been blogging... but I have been enjoying myself