Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sketching in the sun

It was good to have the brush and pen back in my hand after a short hiatus. This sketch is of a twitter friend Curvaveous Dee whilst she coincidentally was enjoying some sun as well.

Water, as in watercolour is the sworn enemy of most felt pens (their ink is water soluable) you need to make sure the paper is dry before using the pen. But I think it is worth it, the strong sharp line is enhanced by the delicacy of the wash below!

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Hacking me ..Hacking you

Seems I am the ongoing focus of attention of what appear to me to be very childish attempts to spam the comments to this blog with Chinese links to a number of dubious sites. Now that unwanted attention is now moving into my other accounts. Luckily google is paying a little more attention to detecting suspicious activity around gmail than they have been to helping bloggers. But dear reader I will diligent search you out those childish hackers and continue to delete them and report them to the appropriate authorities. And otherwise I ignore them amd please do the same.


So please ignore any links in chinesse from this blog, or strange emails even if it looks like it was posted by me.