Wednesday, September 17, 2008

problems with the unauthentics

I administer a few groups (perhaps to many) on flickr ... mainly grown up groups (18+) that mainly allow nakedness and this seems to have become a honeypot for folk with fake ID, stolen photos and anti-social behaviour ...I'm starting to worry that there are a lot of weirdos on the web ...but it is going against my general opinion of what social networking and web 2.0 are all about fact i have for the past couple of years been quick to jump to defend the social networking phenomena ...normally locking horns with those peddling the broad generalization that nude equals pornography and all old men on the net are perverts, and anything popular of the web must be porn ... because these things simply are not true.

There where a few signs, I should have noticed ... i fairly quickly didn't like second life, because everyone was so busy being something they are not ... and ending up being mass carbon copies of each other in an air brushed glamour/pseudo celebrity way ...that scared me away ... also myspace (yes I used to have a myspace page) became like that as well but in a kitchy glitzy (sorry bling) way ... i realized that was what younger folk than i wanted (they wanted to be noticed and accepted as part of the cool group ...the grown up folk that blogged and flickr'd and twittered still seemed authentic and original and nice to be with...but the door is open and some of the "look@me'ism" and fakr wanna bees are infiltrating flickr and twitter ... and it is so boring.

I for one don't think it is adolescent boys or dirty old men ...I think there are just lots of folk that are scared to be themselves ...& why do so many guys think using a "hotgirl" ID and posting stolen images is not strange?.... they are easy to spot but why are they doing it? surely ts not the small dick thing ...but why oh why must I spend time removing and blocking so many now ...grow up people.

Here are a few more sensible words on the subject of on-line authenticity from suze (a twitter friend)she has also started a promising podcast geekgrls

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