Thursday, September 18, 2008

bolder, firmer, lighter

Bold in pink

Watercolour on paper

My experiments with watercolours are continuing ...I love the medium ...butI think I am going to start disagreeing with the conventional wisdom that watercolour is an unforgiving medium ... sure i have ruined a lot of my own work ... but i don't thoink blaming the medium is the right approach ... watercolours live the paint crawls and pools and diffuses across the page in many ways sometime horrid but often in the most beautiful ways ... so the painter, ...the creative control, needs to use and guide these natural forces ... to me that was a big revelation ... be confident and bold with the brush strokes and let the medium calm down the drama and pull it together ... use washes and glazes to let the viewer's eye mix the colours ...don't obsessively muddy my palette & the paintin with too many shades and hues ... let the colours run and blend and dance

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