Wednesday, April 30, 2008

hooray for google

art on your homepage
Whilst it is not my art... i must applaud google for their scheme to allow you to put artist based themes on your homepage ... i want to see more real art on technology ... it will humanize us all and sooth our spirit

bravo google

torso as text

nude as text

sorry about the long absense from things net... i'm just bouncing around in wonderful places but they are outside the webs influence. I happened upon this method of photomanipulation playing around with the alchemy add-ons for corel paint and making a brush that was infact text, the word torso actually... it has given the subject a charm of its own... I hope you agree?

Friday, April 11, 2008

monica's torso

monica's torso

I decided its time to rekindle the two minute torso sketches... and monica had been given an anniversary surprise by hubby chris .. a nude spread on flickr .. how could I resist

I have found my old webcam and decided to film myself sketching (ok ok the quality ordinary! but such is life!) ....ok it also took more like 4 minutes not 2 ...anyway happy anniversary chris and monica

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

tawnee sketch

tawnee sketch, originally uploaded by sigh clone.

my charcoal "rubbings" are coming along just fine ... good therapy and quick ... however i seem to have to find the image rather than be able to construct it ... my depeast thanks go out to however figured out about kneadable soft putty rubbers.

the dilema

I get asked to do a lot of sketching on flickr... and don't do it most of the time ... all too often their subject are clearly stolen images... taken from others on flickr or web sites .... its actually very hard for me to figure out what is and what isn't but a grey bot buddy icon and different models, glamor style lighting and certain poses are usually enough ... also i'm well behind the eight-ball when it comes to recognizing "adult movie" starlettes ... but the widespread practice of posting stolen photos is really ruining flickr and I'm not going to play

txssizetits sketch, originally uploaded by sigh clone.

Having said all that this wasn't a request anyway. I had seen a few of Txssizetits's post (she's apparently very web famous as samantha, and that probably isn't her real name either) on my boob oriented group for grown ups, the funbag fascination. I did suspected they may not be her own images but they were consistent and her smile was very infectious ... anyway she (ok its mainly about her cleavage) made a wonderful subject for a charcoal sketch.

... so I apologise txs size ... sorry i thought you where a bot or a fakr

Monday, April 07, 2008

Seeing double

One hassle with my eyes is i see a lot of things as a kind of double vision... particularly when my eyes are tired or there is a glare ... or just about any time i actually want to see... but now I am starting to see the same two ghostly apparitions in the left hand field of my view... when i turn to study them they vanish.... they ae just there to distract me when I tried to sketch...

... but why are they so thin? ....such is life!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Simply seeing


But it does not need to be!

thanks to jan for indirectly drawing this to my attention

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Not so foolish

Each year on this day you can get a special gift from fd of Fd's flickr toys if you use Scout .... it will generate posters of all of your images on flickr ... have fun it only last today!

Homage to one's self

Once was a self (portrait)
Originally uploaded by sighclone
Self portrait in marker pens and shredded paper for illustration friday's topic homage

PS: some of the strips are deliberately inverted and reversed... its a dyslexic thing!