Wednesday, October 29, 2008

why is the blindman sketching?

Today I noticed a little girl watching me ... well I felt it first ... but she was watching me intently ... and eventually she asked her grandmum "why is the blindman sketching?"

Why is the blindman always sketching? on TwitPic

The answer is because i can ... and secondly i'm still a long way from being trely blind ... my vision impairment might make me "blind" from driving a car perspective but I can discern a few things in the blurred out glare I take for site now ... what more I don't think seeing and drawing are all that closely related ... maybe more on that later when I learn to type better in this mist and/or can understand when the narrator is stumbling on pronounciation or its really a typo! c'est la vie

(scanning and loading this sketch has taken forever ... still it was a tiny victory for independance)

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