Monday, October 20, 2008

Just what I didn't want ...

I think like many other flickr'ites the new home page snuck on me up like a horrible nightmare ... well a bit fright at the very least ... my scare was heightened by the fact that my vision id dissapearing and I had just got a new PC running vista and a lot vision impaired aids to help me fill in the bit I can not see well enough including a sad lady that reads webpages in monotone of misprouncication that make kath and kim sound like custonians of the queens english ... now not only have the whole layout change it have become cluttered with srange noise I can not even being to understand. flickr was once a clean and tidy place to look at photos and other images ... not quite a on-line gallery but close enough it is a kitch clone of yahoo groups, myspace and facebook on all the worse of bling, glitz and gadgetry of glamourless me-too-ism sad

luckily the email end of flickrville is still nice and clean and I got nice invites to groups like I say no and we all hate the new homepage.

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