Thursday, December 30, 2004

Sorry if my blog remains silent for a while longer

it has been a long, tough race... we actually finished... a great achievement... becoming a great team in the process, filled with both courage to stay in there and confidence in each other to do it

not surprisingly I have been summoned back to singapore... an assignment that might take some time and even more courage... the devastation of the south east asian tsunami is beyond comprehension

Friday, December 24, 2004

Belated Congratulations

countrybbw was looking radiant today... no wonder, congrats... this sketch was drawn almost one year ago...

an early watercolour & pencils sketch of paula

Thursday, December 23, 2004

bell looking very curvy in pencil

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

sad news from the solomons

an australian policeman was shot dead by a sniper in honiara.... i
know how much this will shake the optermism of a wonderful group of
islanders... and plunge them back into a darkness of fear... i onlt
trust this is an unfortunate isolated incident...sad and horrible as
it is

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Working from a photo

After the nude sitting I went and down loaded one of bell's profile photos... this time I tired to stay loose and let the wash show me where the detail should be... i'm pleased by this one... i feel it capture bells bright personality better than the photo, which is good by the way

A radiant look in watercolour

Original Photo

The belle sitting...

Newfie bell had requested another sitting last week... this time in the nude... we had a great time trying to figure out how to get a model posed remotely and well lit... the results were great... and the session a lot of fun... the poses are very artistic now that the paint has dried a real tribute to a wonderful model

The volumpuousness of Bell in watercolor wash

A classical relaxed and reclining nude belll, watercolour wash

a special thanks to bell's mum... who helped with some of the technical stuff like lighting and joining in the fun

House keeping in cyberspace

I don't know if you noticed but the number of daily visitors has significantly increased... unfortunately it is not due to my fame, or talent... just that I have put this web address in two web log directories blogwise & blogarama.. the are kind of like the yellow pages for all the personal outpouring that is web logging... sadly there is not an originality category... then again there aren't many original web logs.. if you are interested in what complete strangers are thinking and doing try looking up subjects that interest you and enrich your day...

another helper i have for this site is a software robot called blogbot, from hello, it/he helps me find scanned sketches and uploaded them to the blogspot site... the best bit is he, and I'm sure he's a he... 'cause he says so little... the best bit is he write the html code to display with a lower resolution version displayed on the blog but a higher resolution version behind it.

you simply need to click on an image you like and you can will see a higher resolution version displayed

I was joking about the house keeping chores, i like web logging.. with a few little automated helpers it takes care of itself and doesn't take up room in my kit bag.

visit from a saggylicious doll

pencil sketch of a maiden's feather bra

Monday, December 20, 2004

A quick shaded sketch in pencil of mika

Sunday, December 19, 2004

a big weekend

I'm up in sydney now... had a great two day on the weekend out on the harbour racing the maxis in the rolex trophy... the new zealand yatch konica minolta showed everyone her tail... even though Targe won the regatta... oh well time left to improve...

the entire crew is at staying in highrise flats in north sydney... magnificent views.. so it is ferries to get anywhere... well maybe everywhere except the pub... so some team building, as in excessive drinking may in order... if only i can get the young blokes away from circular quay... or "smorgasbroad" as they call it

Friday, December 17, 2004

loaded brush for a panther

i'm back to experimenting with ways to speed up my painting... specifically the watercolour washes... they are wonderful things... graded washes in say, a dilutes violet followed by a crimson do let me get rich skin tones... but they take time to build up and get the paper very wet... this`makes it difficult to paint in detail.. so i've been letting the wash dry... often this takes hours... and drawing in the detail much later with coloured pencil, well after the sitting... in my watercolour of panther i opted to add the detail whilst the painting was still wet... by loading my brush with the deep umber which is not very transparent and tends not the bleed... result a painting i complete in a single session

Panther in multiple watercolour washes

Preliminary graphite pencil work

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

B-Enhanced..more amazing BBW art

The Portraits displayed at the B-enhanced site at geocities is a special treat... very beautiful and well executed purely digital images... amazing because they are not created with graphite & paper... they are totally created in Paint Shop Pro with a mouse and various software tools called smudge, blend and erase directly on the computer...

there are two reasons you should visit this site... first the very well expressed dedication to beauty... with which I wholeheartedly agree... I have found, and I quote here "the ample womanly form in all its luxurious softness" a real inspiration... second the work has a beautiful tonal quality... something I find conveys the personality of the models just as much as their shape and form...

this site is definitely worth a visit

i'm not ready trade in my pencil and paint brushes just yet... but it is amazing what can be achieved with computers... and the right inspiration
Yet another Kitten (in pencil)

Saturday, December 11, 2004

BBW art

I hadn't actually heard the term BBW art used until recently... basically it is what I'm doing in here... I guess... anyway it is a true art form and there is a lot of really lovely work around... and be warned some tacky stuff as well

here are a couple of on-line galleries to give you an idea why artist find curvy girls so inspirational

A gem rediscoverd

I did these sketches of crystal many months ago

She has a cool group on yahoo called bbws of the world

Friday, December 10, 2004

change of media

this was a portrait by request... from a photo... a task that scares me and i seldom do... it was a nice image and a nice friendly request so I decided I should attempt it... doing what I do from the web cams... which is looking for the essence not copying the detail... i've also trying out heavier grade watercolour paper and so i decided to also try out gauche to get a more relaxed result.. since i'm looking for ways to speed up the painting time required

i'm happy with the result... but i think conventional watercolour washes might still be the better medium for me.

original photo

cycles & ticking over...

it is funny how life is a series of cycles... and for me they are never planned... you see i had planned to do a lot of sketching over the next week or so... instead i am doing lots of errands and researching how to save money on what remains to be done at my beach house... AND training for the big race! ...yes I got offered a place in the sydney hobart race... for those that don't know me well thats a really big deal... i was a little disheartened earlier as i was cut from the crew of last years very successful team... reason..? ...probably i weight too much... anyway the swing and roundabouts are still working.

the other thing that has surprise me is the amount of traffic this humble blog is getting... thanks folks... keep that counter ticking over with a return visit from time to time... and don't be afraid to leave comments (nice friendly ones preferably, and any ideas to improve this place will be very welcome)

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Pencil in hand and happy

Bell in graphite & pencil Posted by Hello

I really like sketching the BBW girls, they are so much fun... bell was a delight but a little shy and had a magical sense about her... this was a pretty fast effort but I like to results... and the model...

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

totaly wipe out

I have no idea what I did.... but my computer didn't seem to like
service pack two... it spat the dummy and my user account as well...
so now I am a guess on my own computer... kind of sums up my itinerant

but don't dispair I'm still happy and sketching... just a long way
behind on my email.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

pencil sketch of kitten's very pretty smile Posted by Hello

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

A more luminous bratty Posted by Hello

Developing a watercolour of Bratty

Bratty, is a wonderful fun model, and i enjoyed trying to capture her lovely skin tone in watercolour... so much so... i thought it was probably a good idea to show some of the progressive steps... they are different sketches but they show how I see the sketch developing...

Building a shaded sketch of Bratty Posted by Hello

The preliminary washes Posted by Hello

Laying on the underpainting Posted by Hello

The final watercolour with detailed added using coloured pencil Posted by Hello

what I was hoping to capture most was bratty's radiance... i trust you can see it

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Why originality is so important

Yesterday was really hot in melbourne and I had a very productive day... cleaning and sealing an outdoor deck... lots of sketching.... but also lots of frustration with Yahoo and my web cam... and the bootings... so frustrating yet I always go back for more... does that make someone that should be in the B&D`fetish rooms... i nhope not...

Well my theory is I have found some real treasures in the BBW models I have sketched and been encouraged by.... and most importantly we are all having fun.... well mostly... there are a few pained expressions... but what I am doing is still original and helping me find a technique and style that I'm proud of... So THANK YOU girls

Des looking very elegant Posted by Hello

Thos was originally a lot heavier (with more graphite blacks) but I wanted to show the elegance of Des so I hit this one with a rubber and I am pleased with the outcome.

Some reworking required

Molly's sketch was interupted (so sorry about the rough line work and heavy graphite) Posted by Hello

Molly after some more rubbing and attention Posted by Hello

Friday, November 26, 2004

Cinderella I, devilish

A early watercolour (from a photo) Posted by Hello

My cinderella experimce set me looking for other illustrations I have never delivered. This was a photo from devil bitch, anyone know her?

Cinderella II, a real spanker

Spank in heavily overworked graphite (looking a bit worried) Posted by Hello

whilst i had a great time doing some sketches in big bellied ladies chat room today... a usual I got booted a few times... and had trouble getting back in... somehow, by accident i think, i ended up in a romm called sassy something and chanced upon a gorgeous girl with a spanking good name... she was very confident and handled her adoring audience well.... but I think she was a little scared of me sketching her... then suddenly she was gone and I was booted again... with do idea how to find her... infortunately this prince charming, cough cough, does not have a slipper... just a sketch...

I trust you like this whoever & where ever you are...

pencil working in some detail Posted by Hello

A pencil sketch of fluffy that didn't get far. Posted by Hello

Thursday, November 25, 2004

The very gorgeous Blue Halo (in overworked pencil) Posted by Hello

Back & Pencil Ready

The pencil back in my hand Posted by Hello

It seems like ages since I did a sketch of any of my friends on the net... I had a little try out of monday or was that tuesday... i've been in so mant time zones lately i'm time shifting without even getting on a plane... but I have missed the challenge of sketching... so watch out for me girls...

A pencil sketch of a real sweety Posted by Hello