Saturday, April 30, 2005

more artist that blog

you should have a look at Chuck Berk's Interactive Art Blog...... especially his how I paint post... whilst i used watercolour & pencil... i am starting to realise that the best picture aren't draw... with lines... you put the colour & shading in first.... understand the light and the darks... thats what makes the sketch work... and finally the minimum line work on the most important details only

the new look

The destruction of my blogging template has got me thinking... should i update the look of my blog.... more importantly can I do it for free and without much technical knowledge... well I might give it a try

Do you like the new look? Please leave your commenst here.....

Friday, April 29, 2005

soft rock

A delicate watercolour moment

these are somewhat unfinished and very light on the washes.... but rock girl was a wonderful model... more blue... crikey am i going through a blue period?

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

another thinga-me on the right hand side

i was looking at the site status and noticed that 43% of the traffic on this blog ir regulars returning... I think this is actuall very good and i thank you regular readers... and an obvious conclusion is that I am better letting you control who you want to share this sketch blog with than becoming an online advert bot myself... so i've put another "free" tool from bavenet on the right hand side... (its free because it has click boxes to get bravenet services on the form, there is no obligation to tick them)... its a little button to activate a tell a friend via email about this blog... please leave a comment if you do or don't like such tools...

Thursday, April 21, 2005

on-line intermission

originally uploaded by sighcl0ne.
sorry folks you want see me on the net or in thei blog for the next week or so... well you might if you know my SMS number... take care

another email to blog test

another email to blog test

A soft pencil 4B sketch

and it worked!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

not so self indulgent after all

another day with net access and yahoo playing fickle to let you in... oh well, i can at least spend my time wandering in blog land...

I used to think that blogging sketches was wierd... a kind of personlity dysfunction or something... but i know see there are other creative people out their like everydaysketch... i'm starting to feel normal... and that's a worry

learning new tricks there is nowhere to hide 

special thanks to can do (that's the aussie guy who likes bell a lot, and she like him too) for helping me conquer yahoo via SMS... now no is safe from me wherever I might be... well providing yahoo is playing!

now how does this MMS thing work?

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

where there is smoke...


There is life outside, the Net, Yahoo! chat rooms, blogging etc...

firstly I'm glad it just isn't me having hassles with Yahoo and its chat room deities... it see te Big Bellied Ladies groups is mobilising... and with some useful ideas... keep it up girls and stay in touch.

my priviate little frustration was that I allocated a coupe of hours tonight, while i was overnighting in me!bourne, to go on-line and say hi in chat... but where are the regular rooms... what the... I can go to Big Billies but I'm the only one... BUGGAR

So I went and watched a great satiorical show on TV called "grumpy old men"... its a BBC show... suddenly it struck me... I was just like them... they get frustrated by mobile phones... computers....the internet... Hey I though smuggly I know how to use chat rooms.... BUGGAR again.. well i might if I could only get in... could a pimply youth get in right now? (such a thought is a bad sign that I am in fact a grumpy old man)

what we need is a more traditional method to start the communication... maybe a smoke signal... no smoke... its ok the loog in... white misty... maybe logging in not a good idea... red haze... somethings a miss, best to keep away... thick black smoke from the keyboard... leave the room... quickly

Friday, April 15, 2005

warm, wet & wrinkling

i've just been packing up my recent sketches... i've decided that life in the tropics is not good for paper... especially once I have wet it for watercolour washes... it crinkles and curls more and more... simple things like pressing it under somethinh heavy works for the time it is being press... but as soon as it is back in the humid air it withers, curls and crinkles again...

my new scanner gets more detail in the paper crinkle, than the orignal wash

the depressing bit is my new scanner is so good, it manages to capture a lot of detailed shadows of the crinkled paper... so its a trip south for my work and some serious straightening out

in need of sleep

things have been positively in overdrive... no rest for the wicked I guess... but such is life... the good bit is i'm getting an earlier than expected break... and time to sleep!

in the meantime does anyone know why yahoo messanger and chat rooms are playing up so much..? I've totally lost patience...

Thanks ginger, I just got invited to a friendly re-established room with all the old regs... buggar another call out...!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

sketching again

i had a bit of a sketch marathon the other day... there will be more posts, don't worry... i'm proud of these watercolours of lotta, as well as capturing her wonderfull prettiness, they do show her inquisitive warmth... i also loev the colours... the blue & purple paints will be staying out

that lovely lotta smile

lotta in blue top

here's a test for the blokes

if you're a guy and reckon you are pretty capable, they taking this
concentration test for men

.... no cheating!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

having some flickr fun

those that notice these things, may have noticed i've been playing with stuff on the right hand side of this blog... firstly because i can , well i've figured out how to... but more importantly to help you the readers... you guys find your way around my wonderings... to let you see some of the stuff i've found useful in the journeys finding my way around the blogSPHERE... buggar i'm catching SINGlish now...

well I have been looking for somewhere to store higher resolution version of my sketches for some time now.... with many false starts... but flickR, which is a photo staring site, looks promising.... but before I fork out real cash to set up anything i thoight I'd try out the free trial offer... but you're involve also...

now for the fun bit

i want to set up my most popluar sketches in there... so what I need you to do is have a look at the FlickR daily zeitgeist box (its about half way down on the right hand side)... when you see a sketch you like click on it... that will take you to a large version, and will register a vote... pretty niffty don't you think... and it doesn't cost you anything.... just your time

I'll be constantly changing the images in my FlikR account, adding new ones and removing the less popular ones... in a few month I hope to have my top 100 most popular sketches in there... well assuming you, the readers, want to play
blessed looking angelic in watercolour and pencil

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


I've been still slowly exploring the web for BBW art... and this guy... known as IAN'ardo, (say it like leo'nardo and you will realise he is a true master of the art form... his pencil sketches are truely magical and a capture the pure beauty of larger girls (in deligthful gowns)

his use of mirrors in some of his compositions...
really blew me away... his site is really worth a visit

Monday, April 11, 2005

the blues

terry not wearing her favourite dress up

like eeyore... we all have to face the blues.... sometimes more often, than seems fair at the time... but like the colour blue which can be vivid, rich and deep... lifting and enriching skin tones, nearby by simple contrast... the blues can enrich our life by exposing & highlighting our delicate side... that is if we can learn from the bouts of the blues and don't let ourselves drown

a special big HUG to terry

Saturday, April 09, 2005



it took me a while to notice but all things WEB, herein singapore, have an unusual written language, ... the words are a mixture of chinese phonetic, hindu, and malay inside english... with no real grammar (which appeals to me, if you haven't already noticed)... and lots of inappropriate CAPital letters..juSt LIke thIS... but it is spreading... from blOGs onto SMS messages... eveyone here saye hELLO NOrt... notICE boards... even bILLboards... often its clEVEr as in the EVE perfume adds... mostLY it is just HArd 2 reAD... the amazing thing is i'm starting to hEAR the YOUnger PeoPLe SPEak in it... at least its better than those back in the UK that overUSE the hand movement apostrophes all the time to "emphaSIZE" the obvious

revisted... some old work

í'm not sure if its me.... my dial up link... or what? BUT the net, yahoo, gmail and blogger are being really slow and unrelaiable... whats going on

No panties in colour chalk (2003)

It did meet up with lisa, some some I have not seen chatting for a long time and her if I could post some of her sketches.... AND she ask about this one... it was done in conte, a type of compressed chalk... it was in my most gaugain period

looking back I have posted a coloured pencil sketch of her last year.

Friday, April 08, 2005

i'm on blogshare... What the ..? you say

i've discovered this blog has listed in blogshare (i think its some kind of fantasy cyber game or challenge) since last june... it might explain all the hits on my counter... buggar it wasn't popularity...

better still my humble blog is worth a whopping B$2,899.13 (that is blogshare dollars, which unfortunately converts to about.... well exactly nothing!)

does it matter that I am not a major shareholder...?
does it matter that I don't have a clue what the game is... ??
has my identity been stollen... ???
do i worry to much about this webstuff... maybe
can I reclaim my blog... ???? oh yes I can... ah time to relax
better still is it time for some more of my homebreww beer..? definitely...

any one interested in playing for me? I now have 1000 shares to sell & little interest in playing... but no more web angst!

Thursday, April 07, 2005

end of the road

Aquilla pencil sketch, after the tsunami

this is sketched near meulabah on the west coast of sumatra... it is the main road to banda arche... well the few traces left of the road... which completely dissapears into the sea just north of here... this was apparently also the site of a village... now it is just a mud flats... & nothing

back in the warmth

well after a lot of flights I've manage to stay on the ground... well water actually.. see, I live on a rented yatch here in singapore... and it is heaven... the warm balmy night... the smell of my home brewed beer... I bottled it before hitting the sack... (and ok I did sample some)... the gentle sea breeze... I slept for almost 20 hours... totally refreshing... i strongly recommend oversleeping

Now to catch up on that scanning backlog

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

a great blog & group

I like to wander round... in this cyber space, as well as the real world... sometimes I find despicably bad places(smut overload)... sometimes great spots... one such place worth a visit is JNESS_BLOG & her ScarletBBWArt Gallery... her work is really something special...

from there I went onto find a great group, dedicated to all things BBWs in Art... its a wonderfull site (no smuttiness welcome)

an old friend (revisited)

Pencils sketch of an amazing cleavage

there seems to have been a big shift in the on-line community... has something terrible happen in the force (luke)... my favourite chat rooms are impossible to get into... many familiar faces are gone ( & unfortunately replaced by an every increasing army of boring bots)... but all is not lost...I did manage to catch up with a couple of old friends that I hadn't seen for ages... Sad Panda, a great lady and artrist herself, even went so far as scolding me for not including her sketches.... well here they are

the watercolour sketch takes shape

this may well be my first webcam watercolour... i still love the richness of the skin tones... but I must admit I got very muddy puddles in the shadows

a colourful & happy (sad) panda in pencil and watercolour

thanks again my gorgeous friend... you started me on a great, some times difficult but certainly uplifting road

Saturday, April 02, 2005

the high life

well I'm actually about to head for london after all... it been one of those on again off again trips... in the new british airways sleeper, no less... then onto bishkek, it is nice this time of year... and I doubt i'll be blogging from there

Friday, April 01, 2005

mermaids indeed, what a disgrace

I guess most expats in singapore know that if you want to find aussies after work ( & behaving badly) you can first try Carnegies.... which is interesting as it a direct clone of its name sake in hong kong, it is on place in which I have never seen an aussie...

anyway that's not what my concern is about... it is about another favorite haunt for expats.... Batam island, unfortunately it attracts the dirty old man variety of expat... and shamefully a few of whom may be aussies...

well I got invited over there to a barbie... and even I was shocked... we went to a private beach and "club" where larger girls had been force feed on nasi putih, udang & sambal manis.. presumable to get them even larger and they were made to swim nude, in what are essentially small pens off a makeshift jetty... I was told this was to make their skin wrinkled and white... they can only leave their watery pens when picked to entertain one of the paying customers... firstly they must perform a very unusual tongue flicking ritual in full view of everyone... if they giggle or dont show enough interest in the tonguing they are splashed with green paint and thrown back into the water... if a customer is satisfied he can tie one or more coloured ribbons around her arms or legs... considerable money changes hands in bets on which girls will get painted and weather the paying customer gets his money's worth... there is much shouting of "mukan malam" and "mukan dading""...

the girls are called the "mermaids of malaca" and are supposedly a rare delicacy... but they look quiet miserable despite their exotic titles and intended status... the girl with the most ribbons becomes the center piece for dinner and has the various dipping sauces poured over her naked body

don't worry I just enjoyed my barbecued pawns with sweet chili sauce an a little rice... and a great sunset... at a different function, the one I had actually been invited to, further along the beach