Friday, May 28, 2010

mucking around with tone

kira in pastel

pastel on paper. with watercolour wash under the dark tones

Thursday, May 27, 2010

2010 Funbag Fascination Calendar

The funbag fascination Calendar

Forgot to post this, the 2010 Funbag Fascination Calendar is out, on flickr. Better late than never I guess, but you should have noticed by now that I use small versions of the calendar pages over on the right hand side.

January Calendar Feb Funbag Calendar
Sally as Ms March ms April
May 2010 Ms June
Ms Kitty July Funbag Calendar August 2010
susan is september pretty blonde october
nipple slip november decollete  december


This is DIY (do it yourself) calendar, and only for personal use (see the copyright and wrong discussion at the bottom of the right-hand side column.

First click through on each image (you will get through to flickr were they are stored) and the select all sizes, and get the largest size images (they are all 710 by 710 pixels, this is 12cm at 150dpi and matched a CD jewel case size), download to your computer and print them out. The instructions to assemble your calendar can be found here

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

interviewing me!

blog has interviewed me kidding ...well i filled out their questions and you can read it spelling mistakes and all here. They rate themselves as a behind the scenes look at the web best bloggers ...some of their other interviews are fairly insightful also (eg rick green's organized doodles is worth a look). I'm just a little puzzled why i ended up in the photography section with an adult rating!

...oh that's right I sketch nudes!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

buxom dreams

buxom dreams
pastel on paper

Monday, May 24, 2010

what is art?

I get asked this question a lot if i should know the answer! ...welll i suspect art like beauty is in the eye of the beholder not the object or the action I can labour and toil and call what i di art, but i would be lying ... i think my art is a gift of inpiration or joy to the viewing ...a gift i may never seen given ..but one i give in honesty and full knowledge that it may not be recognized of generate income of bring fame ...but is a gift all the same.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Stolen Art

I'm not sure why the art heist in paris has gitten so much media coverage, when so much art is stolen every second on the net. Sure the picaso, braque, modigliani and matisse works are worth a lot these days, as museum pieces. The reality is they should be worthless, ok the could earn the thief or indiscreet purchasers a lengthy jail term, while they are at large. The problem I an getting more and more confused about is what is the real vale of art and why is the art creator so unlikely to benefit from its value. The worse problem in my mind is all the direct theft of art, photos, videos and songs because it has been posted on the net. Doesn't the artist deserve something?

I will skip over the question of whether art is also stolen when it is largely copied (plagiarism?)

If you have valuable art and are worried about it being stolen, make sure it is properly photographed (you gallery or agent can help with that) and document it specifically with your insurance and not down the useful web servicw the Art Loss Registry (which lets you register stolen works). It will also let you do additional check up on that "unearthed" Picaso from the guy at the pub!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I have become restless in my art ...two things are nagging me about what i see others doing ...the first is fashion and fads, the look at me i'm a celebrity wannabee ..which is just copy/plagiarism in disguise ...and most of all boring don't neeed it to look like a beyoncé or lady gaga film clip ...ok lady gaga is becoming a recycled madonna and single ladies has more than a few dance moves from the Yolngu Zorba Dance ...don't get me wrong there is talent there also but i yearn for more originality in the rest of us

yet I know you need to follow some rules of say composition and sketch a pose that artist and photographers have used many times ... but it works

the second concerns is about colour ...i love colour ...i'm sure you have noticed that ...its just that colour consciousness seems to have left the building I the only one who see the beauty in a purple shadow? perhaps i just need to keep sketching :)
the pink bra

BTW I'm still posting on TwitPics

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

They say ...

They say that doing too many self portraits is the way to madness ...they sight Rembrandt through to Van Gogh and many more ...well I might have a dutch name but I'm not the slightest bit psychotic ...Ok I keep getting reminded I'm a child with an inflated super ego (them there are harsh words from a professional) ...its justt6hat those self reference things keep cropping up amongst my scratches and doodles ...ok the one below I did waste some time creating on-line. It is supposedly me in the future according to my be honest it looks nothing like me. It even looks a bit creepy, kind of troll like a photoshopped buddy icon on a dating site, and he is the last sort of bloke I'd even chat with ...little lone draw ...C'est la vie.

Surely there may be some advantages to appearing mad, a little off or not quite the full bottle maybe I'll be left alone. ...alone to create and just do what I want. But then I am reminded by someone who knows these things there is zero benefit in going crazy

“Madness is to think of too many things in succession too fast, or of one thing too exclusively” Voltaire

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Alas poor twitpics....

watercolour sketch of a friend relaxing [warning nude, albeit... on Twitpic

i liked the way the badge or widget or whatever it was from Twipics worked (just on posting the last item I had uploaded to twitpics. All automatic and no code to copy and paste ...something that tests and old bloke like me) ...but alas it has disappeared without trace and I have to do some editing and such to show my work here ...such tedium

Time to look for a new photo to twitter methods : )

By Bye Twitpics ...was nice while it lasted