Thursday, July 10, 2008

monetization for nothing

One of the sessions I enjoyed most at pubcamp was the debate between Richard Walsh (representing the old school) and Browen Clune (the new whatever, it isn't really a school so much as a conversation. I really like her terminology of control media versus free media. BUT I worry that everyone is getting the perception that on the net, means free. The struggling creative type mentioned by richard, wont be able to sell anything even enough to buy beer. YET at the same time i worry about all the talk of monetization on the web, is just cover up for ways that the advertising networks (based in old school practices) can mop up any value before it reaches the creatives. Sad but such is life.

I feel the interwebs are a fatastic gallery to display your most creative work, but I don't yet know how to ensure that some value can trickle back to the creators ... or am I just a naive old bloke ... with a romantic view of the artist and bohemian as an enhancer of life and society?

Browen Clune has just recently posted a late account of her view of pubcamp

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Bronwen Clune said...

Thanks for the compliment. I had great fun doing the debate and it's good to get together and nut these things out.
Love your sketched BTW