Monday, October 27, 2008

Yummy Mummies its time to stand up

With the rapid loss of vision I have been confined to being a pedestrian and there is a limited place I'm allowed out on my own (very long story there that will remain untold)... anyway I am allowed to meander around the shops and coffee houses of maling road ... it an upmarket shopping strip beside canterbury stations ... deep in the inner east of melbourne ... not the haunt of old blokes, or even bohemians though.... is an expensive shopfest for yummy mummies ...these poor stressed out folk have the expensive clothes the silver four wheel drive and lots more tpo boot but they are terrorized by their screaming off spring ...its a conspiracy ...all the coffee shops have deep glass counters with the sweetest pinkest, sugar coated glittery, creamy with hundreds and tousnads-ist delight just at toddler level ... as soon as the spoilt brats eye lock on the content its tanturm time, scream, stamping of feet and a genuine looking set of tears for effect ..a flusteredf mum then grabs for her purse and orders the sweatly coloured goo "oh! and a baby'chino with that".... its all a bit distressing ...but I have some sound advice...

Yummy mummies learn to say NO!

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