Thursday, November 30, 2006

men and apples

men and apples
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It would appear that we... men that is... will never learn... a woman with an apple and we are swept away... no seriously I loved this photo by a flickr friend, i just had to sketch it.... as i was sketching i just new the apple would have to be coloured... RED of course.... what a temptation but have i been sensitive enough with the pencil?

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

the mural painter

painting a mural

Friday, November 24, 2006

mixing the media

doddle du epouse de le dude
le dude's missus in pencil
madam dude reclining
I have had a lot of contradictory advice... all well meaning i think...
slow down (take time to feel the sensitivity)... work with your
emotions, go with the flow, work faster... don't be restrained
with your colours... use less red...try different and new media before
you get stuck in your ways.... maybe they are all the same advice in
disguise... practise more but only show us your best stuff!

Exciting Eh!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Looking for more sensitivity with my pencil

This was an exerise in trying to show a little more sensitivity with my pencil.... I actually had to think about it for some time... the changed from my abrupted and fast pace attempting to develope the shape and shade, wih heck tick strokes and much finger rubbing to spread the tone... to a more calm and controlled building of tome upon tone with the pencil itself... have I found sensitivity?

More importantly will linda recognise they are both of her?

Friday, November 17, 2006

lots of clones on flickr

There are way more clown... sorry make that clones, on flickr... than sighs

how do I know this I put them to a tag fight, one of several great tools created by netomer

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

more about art on technology

I realise I love my ipod even more now... so many slow hours wasted waiting in hospital, where at least made bearable... but I was using the ipod so much i started to have to charge it each day... normally it lasts a few days... and that meant i had to give and let itunes update itself... (a big risk when you can not see so well)... appart from the fact that it "lost" half my mp3 collection (don't panic it is still there... the new itunes just refuses to see it and I have lost patience trying to figure out why) I was very impressed to see that not only have they added album art, they have a great alternate view of your play list call cover view

We need to congratulate folk when we see art on technology... well done apple


Happy flower
Originally uploaded by sigh clone.
I'm on the road to recovery... thanks folks for all the kind thoughts in Flickr & Yahoo

Thursday, November 09, 2006

a bit of a buggar

i made this buddy icon for last week... and it has been very prophectic.. I had a bit of an accident and now find it hard to do anything... especially see the bloody mouse pointer even... so I might not be on-line much for a little while... and don't worry i'll be fine... but thank god i can still use my ipod

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Now you can listen as well

I have been a convert to the ubiquitous ipods for some time now... they are almost mandatory to all travellers...and I have started to collect a lot of the strange music I have collected on my travels and "rip" them to MP3.. yes I have resisted using the proprietary formats offered by apple and microsoft... now I have found out about which socializes the process of listening to music... so you can watch music inspires me... down the bottom of the right hand side bar stuff... hope you listen along

Friday, November 03, 2006

yet another flickr toy

This an application that lets you create an on-line jigsaw

hmmm.... now how do I fix the formating... well it does work... sorry about the format.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Many more returns?

I was looking at the my blog traffic statistics tonight and I realised my demographic (whatever that is) has changed... I used to get about 40-50% return visits... in other words I had a loyal readership that dropped by from time to time... now I have hardly any return visitors... am I boring you? Please tell me if I am... and that's changed as well... hardly anyone leaves comments anymore... is that more evidence that I am not interesting... NAH! Its probably to do with the extra word game you have to now do to post your comments (which is designed to stop the comment spamming bots)... well i hope it is.

Maybe its the new layout... in blogger beta... which I like by the way... am I drifting away from original task to explore my art... and inspirations.... do you want more BBW ladies? More meaningless waffle. Are you scared away but all the flickrĂ­ng. Don't be affraid to let me know what will make you return

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The joy of art

Watercolour on paper (some pencil & neocolour crayon overworking)

I for one firmly believe it is wrong to label any nude, pornography, just because it is a nude.... especially I get depressed when anything nude on the net... is seen as stocking

nudity is a very natural state and I fear that the nude in art is being tarished by unjustified woserism... why? No idea... I'm also getting a biy weary of the stereo type that to be art a nude must be so abstract... so high contrast.... so disspassionat.... that you hardly recognise it as human in inspiration... its time to have passion and joy back in nude art.... models can be happy, cheecky and even flirtive....

Having said all that I do think filtering of "mature content" or warning that there may be "some nudity" are worthwhile options to help parents and reduce the chance that nudity will be forced onto children... but at the same time I realise an adolescent that really wants to will find nudes.... it the library... in art galleries as well as on the net

But for those of us, a little more grown up, who want to celebrate life... where do we look... back into art history... do we still find it in niave or folks art... or like gauguin must we travel to far off lands trying to discover the primative art... I think not collectively a little more understanding of beauty and not instant celebrity and self absorption may let it be found on the net alredy... I trust this is one place that beauty can flourish