Saturday, September 30, 2006

next sketch

manuela in hat pencil
Manuela in a hat Soft pencil 4B on paper

Art on my Ipod

Art on my Ipod
Originally uploaded by sigh clone.
It did take a fair bit of manual (if thats what it could be called).... and some net research... but finally my art on my ipod....

i know know why there is not more art of mobiles and ipod... like there should be... and is starting to be on the likes of blogger, myspace and flickr... the technology has been keep "secret nerds's business"... hidden from the easy to use... free to share... universe... is this becuase "they" (not sure who they are actually) want to charge... commercialise it... like the scams to get you to download "free" ringtones but pay a fortune... do any artist actually benefit fom such arrangements... whould they want to...

rant over... there should be more art around on technology... and there might be if it was easily to do

Friday, September 29, 2006

a new project begins

i thought it might be fun for you to watch as i develop a new set of sketches through to final paintings

looking for my coy friend

I've spent a lot of my on-line time looking for my friend becka (not sure is thats the right spelling)... I thought I had corresponded with her on flickr... but alas no trace there... nothing in hotmail (although I had been "deleted" yet again... and nothing in gmail... what is going on... am i getting old and forgetfull... but even an old bloke remembers coy charm and a sly smile... not to mention a full and sensual figure

Can anyone help be find becka so i can ask if I may post her picture here... opps (hope you don't mind bec)

Do you like the new layout?

It's done in blogger beta... i
changed about a month ago... I like it, it's probably easier for me to
work with... especially loading pictures directly...sorry flickr, I think you're being superseded on that front... theire is also a spelling checker!

I have been having some eye troubles (extended periods of double vision, due to cornea scaring)... so I'm
on a computer fiddling free diet at the moment... looking for
everything that stops the squinting... keystrokes... ime
consumed... and it is all GOOD

Now to get back to sketching

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Understanding the passion

passiflora in pencil
Pencil sketch of passiflora
Art is moral passion married to entertainment. Moral passion without entertainment is propaganda, and entertainment without moral passion is television.

quote from rita may brown

Sorry if this means nothing to you... but art is becoming so like passion to me... i start with a blank page... draw the pencil over it... the image takes shape... I see it from within... there is little that I can do... just surrender to the shades... the lines... build a dark here... a smudge there... then suddenly I msut stop... before my concious mind take control and removes the tenderness... ok its unfinished but it is all i can do and I love it... that is what drawing can bring me to... it is passion... it is arouse... i see the beauty within

I think i am learning to understand gauguin's "à la recherche decstasy, de calme, et lart."

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

ART for all

it must be art!
(mage with dumper a new flickr toy}
do we still need the sterile display place in museums... well yes... but with the internet and devices (computers, mobile phones, ipods, pdas) so connected i see there is really no limit to who much art can be displayed and enjoyed... yet
pencil watercolour
hmmm look around do you have any art to soften and personalise your technology... buggar neither do I... yet!
on mobile phone
that's better

Saturday, September 23, 2006

taking a stance

Saturday, September 16, 2006

why so much theft?

Originally uploaded by DirtyRatBastard.
Given that the net and particularly the blogsphere is essentially free... (ok you can make money our of adsense and links to others, if you really want to)... I am puzzled why there is so much theft... identity thief, pinching ideas, text and the thing that is really bugging me is image theft

Things are getting so bad on flickr their is now a new stolen pics group... specifically to out people who pinch photos and post them as their own... thats fine and I won't hesitate to post people who pinch my stuff.... but it does require that i find out about it. The other trend on flickr if to pinch stuff off pornsites and post it... usually in inappropriate groups... in the groups i moderate i simply delete them but it is becoming a chore... still I think i own it to the other group members.

For instance flickr do have the issues of copyright and image sharing well thought out and they use creative commons, which i have also used to register this blog and the images in it (read the copyright or wrong section down a bit of the right hand side). Trouble is it seems a lot of folk ignore this

So what to do about it... actually I don't know... shaming the guilty is a nice civilized way, but it does require finding the culprit... i worry that things may just get so bad that is not wise to post on the net at all! Is you expect others to respect your ownership of images... or anything!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

accidents & progress

Originally uploaded by sigh clone.
Sometimes art is relaxing... sometimes stressful for example this preliminary is a wash for a portrait of kelsi... The trouble is with such an angelic result I am to scared to do any further work on this one!

So I'm coming to the view that my trial and error approach to watercolour is ok.... sometimes the wash captures what I want and sometimes it doesn't... no one needs to see the failures... so all i need to do really is keep painting... looking for the glow... the tonal gradation... the right colour... the little infections an highlights that let me "see" the personality of the sitter... all this things are way superior to slavishly copying the detail from a photo... ignore the lines follow the tone... I think i am getting places in my journey... its just that i wish that could be more than accidents and coincidences

this is my first post from flickr via the new "enhanced interface" to blooger beta... worked like a charm... so there is lttle excuse not to post.... now all i need to hope for is similar improvement in reliability for yahoo messanger... or is that to much to ask?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

uploading.... fixed at last

wow... in blogger beta the image upload options are still the same.... BUT the upload works first time... and fast.... congrats someone...

I bought myself a new set of watercolours... proper winsor & newton ones... I love the purity and intensity of the colours..... and transparency in washes... i trust my regulars vistors will notice the difference

Saturday, September 09, 2006

notice the climate change?

the political correct brigade went into overdrive about a stripper that performed at a climate change conference recently held in Oz... seems the lady was still in her undies as her ballons were being popped when some indignant females stormed out... they kick up such a stink that the conference lost its government funding... so thankyou ladies... not only does australai not honour the kyoto protocol, we wont be letting our scientist confer with the rest of the world anymore....

the big pity is that before i could get my sketch to paper ron tanberg of the age had already had his "Any one noticed tgeh climate change" punch line publised. Well done mate... but i liked my lady so much i had to post it here.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

don't worry be happy

I trust you notice the changes... i'm now in blogger beta... with promises of more improvements to come... thanks blogger & google.

I am sorry I haven't been on-line and posting here much lately... I'm having a couple of eye problems... well more like double vision problems and i am finding close work and particularly peering at a computer screen very troubling... so I'm just relaxing mostly... and taking the medicine