Saturday, March 27, 2010

two minutes for boobs

I've been distracted a lot lately by stuff in the real world ..fixing, repairing, doing errands, drinking beer and yarning with friends ... the stuff that gets in the way of those creativity juices ...not excuses so much as different pathway in life STILL I did have some new paints to trial ...I had loved using a set of cotman colours in a neat plastic travel pallet (I'd got on special some time ago) but was coming to the end of the best colours and I can not get the replacement tubs ..such is life ...any way I decided to splurge out on the equivalent windsor & newton grown up watercolors (and they are about twice the price) I loved the cotman Dioxazine Violet (for the under painting of shadows of tone, maybe with a little red to take the edge of the intensity) then glazing this in layers Raw Sienna and Alizarin Crimson over this. Well a two minute torso exercise seemed a logical first start ...ok this is more precisely a two minute boob job...and yes it took longer than two minutes but I was having fun ...nipples are difficult forms to make convincing ...and these where particularly proud nipples ..I had to do three separate washes in violet to just leave enough edge and tone. then it was back to wet on wet washes with the colour glazes ...I was very pleased it turned out very magically translucent, but where the new colours better? not sure, nice model though.

bare breasts

Friday, March 26, 2010

Autumn is for ART

art show appeal
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This time of year is art season, down here in the south eastern of Australia ...and I'm busy preparing for, getting things framed and transporting work back and for to art shows that have been popping up everywhere ...OK you won't find my works in the Archibald this year, btw congratulation to Sam Leach, who won booth the Archy and Wynne prizes ..and good works they were too works are still competing with everyone elses for wall space ...especially in those expensive little inner eastern surburb galleries (no they are not even listening?) and shows.

So my theory is grin and bear it, if my art truly appeals, I will get enough to pay for my materials and perhaps framing ...after that ego could be in danger of becoming harmfully inflated.

Such is Life

Thursday, March 25, 2010

REALLY - or yet another of the FauxFolk

Annie Stoner- nude from behind
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I chatted with this idenity a while back on ipernity, she seemed nice enough and I even decided to use her photo for yet another return to my 2 minute torso exercises. ...that started well enough
annie stoner watercolour
then I noticed something ...can you see it?

hmm ..why is the waistline so different? ...have i lost it? have i got the anatomy so wrong? ...that skin is pretty damn flawless ...why is annie's head and body in such different proportions in her other photos I paranoid or is she just too flawless to be true ...and how does a body like that sing like stevie nicks? ah mais oui, encore un autre faux pas

perhaps not,
Is she fake?
She is a photoshop abuser

hope i'm wrong on this one.

PS Well not surprisingly I got a less than happy email from the identity involved. about my "bullshit blog" post, seems it was a jaded boyfriend that supposedly started the rumor she was fake. This is very feasible and thus I have removed her name from this post (and my illustrations, to avoid my contribution to furthering the shadow on her name in net searches). However she added "buy my album and see for yourself" ...well that just complicated things ...I can find her songs on and ovi podcasts & they are free to download BUT not for sale in either ITunes or Amazon. I remain very skeptical

SPOILERS | Hungry Beast

SPOILERS | Hungry Beast
You'll have to watch the clip to discover what spoilers are. I must admit I love the hungry breast's GRAPHics ...trés trés chic ...and this time I don't think I missed the intent of the self reference at the end of the spoiler segment.

The cane toads piece with wonderful ...but so truthfully sad ...maybe it may have had a happier ending if Peter Garrett had offered them free insulation!

Friday, March 19, 2010

all buzzed out

Seems buzz has got the huff with me ... i have so many unread Buzz'es, is that the right term?, that they are ow just showing 100+ unread ...what the ...i don't scroll back on twitter you really expect me to read them google? Isn't my gmail bulky enough it? are there empty spasces on a server somewhere just creeking for more! Or sm I just to stuck in things to do in the real world?

Such is life

Thursday, March 18, 2010

2010 Funbag Calendar

I will have to admit that I have been a fraction slow getting this year's funbag fascination calendar organized. I'm sort of doin as the year goes along, which should matters since it is designed to fit into an old CD jewel case and sit nice and neatly on your desk ... you will just have to keep and eye out and download the new page each month.

Here are my sketches for next month calendar girl.

kerstin's boobs small watercolor boobs

Saturday, March 13, 2010

river nymphs

river nympth 2 A couple of rough sketch ideas for a new series of water goddesses

Sketch for River nymph

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

the satire is not lost on me

The Hungry Beast, a good new show on the ABC, tonight had a segment with lots of graphic detail and the true terms about Labiaplasty, a bit of a surprise from conservative aunty. Yes it was about snipping the lips back of a woman's genitals. I have no complaint about the segment but I get the feeling most people missed the point that it was satire not a documentary. I doubt the plastic surgeon was really a doctor at all and the expert witness, a graphics artist from a soft porn magazine, who voice was disguise to protect his identity. Come on! Are models really going to undergo surgery to look neat, just to get in a cheap magazine when a bloke at a computer screen of said magazines can airbrush it all out in a flash? Are you starting to realize now? This was good satire, but it is not to be taken too seriously.

The truth is the Hungry beast team is hoping to exploit the same classification that let the magazine publish clear and frank frontal nudity photos.

PS Seems I miss read the intent of satire in the story (see response in my comments) & I'm not trying to critize the hungry beast team, they are well worth a watch

Monday, March 01, 2010

The first drinks on me

Well I finished Feb Fast without any big fan fare. Not having alcohol for a months was a lot easier than I expected, ...probably because most of my friends where in it as well. The community response was pretty amazing as well, nearly $650k raised in support of services working to reduce alcohol and other drug related harms in young people. Well done everyone.