Wednesday, February 28, 2007

living in SIN (again)

Sorry about the lack of blog posts and art... probably it is the art i need to be more worried about... i'm not sure i have any regular readers any more

Anyway I am back in singapore (SIN is the three letter code for changi airport,,, looking after a collegues post, so they can have a break.... living down by te beach and having house guests most of the summer i had eased into a genter life style... so hitting the single block expat life sytle back here has hit me for a bit of a six... must be getting old... its not that i'm not enjoying it... its the struggling to keep up.... also singapore has had web access everywhere for ages and it is mostly free if you know the right coffee shops and cyber cafes.... but it is so slow.... I mean s l o w

anyway thats it for now the coffee has arrived

Friday, February 23, 2007

testing links

I decided I must try testing the new embed links.... they seem only to play 30 secondish previews.. but that's fine... If you like the track I'm confdent you will go buy it or even download it via itunes to your ipod.... Not that there was anything wrong with blog radio... I just like better and have started a music inspired sketcbook style journal in there...

Monday, February 19, 2007

A lighter portrait

Pastel on paper

I am still using orange and ocher to get the skin tone to glow but I have
lowered the key and lightened the tone... perfect to create the gorgeous richness and underlying cheeky sensuality of a new friend from flickr

Sunday, February 18, 2007

another sketchbook blog

Form time to time I do find that I am not the only creative person
using a blog as a sketch book... but here is one great lady doing it in
style, in her BrokenEyeball blog so much art is souless these days... so do yourself a favour and have a look at how expressive the carol's figurative works are... some of the doodles are a little macabre and sometimes the expression is loneliness and/or pain.. but these are definitely work with a spirit that I sure will enchant you as they have done for me

too darn hot

The weather down along south-eastern australia is hot... too darn hot

My beach house is having a constant flow of guests and other interlopers... but because of the hot nights and no air conditioning, (heck I'm used to tropical heat and just prefer over head fans) so most are guests are not sleeping and so i have a house full of crabby pants...

So I'm hanging out for that cool change

The other plan is to introduce a compulsary siesta!

Could not find cool change, on blog radio, which was a big hit here for the little river band... so you'll just image it while listening to another of their songs...

beautiful red butterfly

Pastel on paper

Portrait of a friend from flickr

Thursday, February 15, 2007

nude reclining (in 3 media)

I think it is good to vary the media I am using... well at least occasionally... I think there is les need to vary the subject