Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Last Sketch for a while

I will have to close up my web activity for a while, and permanently close a couple of accounts, due to childish but persistent hacking and stealing of my identity and on-selling it to Chinese and eastern European types with very dubious morals. So please be careful of emails you may receive that look like they are from me. Especially don't send money or personal details.

I now suspect those behind the Faux Social entity aka Annie Stoner because I outed their Impossibly over Photoshopped photos. I still reckon she is a total FAKE

It is the wholesale stealing of my art works. Scrubbing the signature that disappoints me the most. If you see illustration you believe are mine, and without my signature, and used as a teaser for some dodge website. Please posts details and maybe a link as a comment on this blog post. The ones with my signature are likely to be legitimate copies and I appreciate such people and friends who re-post, especially as most ask nicely.