Thursday, June 15, 2006


Pencil over ink wash, also available as a virtual jigsaw puzzle

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Gaugain puzzled

partially completted jigsAW
My mosaic based on Gaugain's Self Portrait with Halo is now a jigsaw.... seriously... download it and try it

A Collabortative Internet Art Monifesto

We propose to create a collaborative set of internet art works, that include many people's contributing at different levels (or layers) to each work.

This art will prove that the internet does not just spawn plagiarism, copyist celebrity, and the boredom of me_to'ism, that there is room of creativity, originality and life.

The final art must be the collaborative work of more than one person (ie a composite image of some form, like a mosaic or collage). It may be inspired or even closely based on an existing art work, but all the contributed components must be ORIGINAL. The final art work belongs to all the contributors and be covered under kopyleft so they can be published for free into the internets public domain

... if you use flickr consider joining CAF [Collaborative Art on Flickr]

More Art Inspired Art

gauguin_halo Mosaic_large
Originally uploaded by sigh clone.
This is an early work from the CAF [Collaborative Art on Flickr] project... it is a photomosaic made with a program called AndreaMosaic and consists of tiles created from photos and sub images submitted to that project... it pleases me that I can produce a fresh richness to an already great work of art... whilst it is based on one of gaugain's most famous self portraits... I am sure this is not plagiarism... it is homage and inspiration... but I was suddenly turned cold when a friend said is was an extra ordininary rendition... then I realized she was talking about art, and not the moral bankruptcy and spin doctoring of some governments... viva l'art

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

two more cinderallas

I'm catching up on some scanning.... but...
Is this you or a friend? Is this you or a friend?
unfortunately I lost track of who these two sketches are of. If you recognize yourself or a friend... drop me a line so I can email a larger version to the model(s)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Artist inspired Art

I have been able to collate a lot.... and their is a lot... of my sketching development over the past 5 years recently... these sketches are amongst the oldest sketches i have... they were all done from life in dark low lit places late a night... but the important thingh is they inspired me to do more than illustrative cartoon.... which lead to experimenting with different media... and even to begin this adventure following gaugain's bold objective "à la recherche decstasy, de calme, et lart."

1. strippers07s, 2. stripper05, 3. stripper04s, 4. Stripper03s, 5. More Lush Girls 23, 6. More Lush Girls 22, 7. More Lush Girls 21, 8. More Lush Girls 20, 9. the stripper, 10. more girls that work at night, 11. lush016, 12. lush015

Yikes! ..I'm a Discordian

originally uploaded by sigh clone.
Today is a great day for conspiracy theories...(06-06-2006)... but thats onlt the beginning of it... i was minding my own business, well discussing an upcoming collabortative artist's manifesto for net real artistist.. I have been boring others with this a lot lately (it will be blogged about soon enough so don't panic)... when I was confronted with the angry retort "You're just a discordinan and don't know it"... well I didn't know if i was, so i asked politely while ducking punches... a delightfully attractive witness in the coffee shop later slipped me this link
scibbed on the back of a scrap of pink paper that read
[a discordian is] one who likes to wear emperor norton’s old clothes

emperor norton... that sounds nice... unfortunately he was a famous madman in san franciso... not me

but I have been in search of the goddess for a long time now... so maybe i am... a discordian and don't know it

Tribute to David Hockney

Hockneyized sketch 2 Hockneyized Sketch

This david hockney style polaroid mosaic was created with fd's Flickr Toys.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

some format changes

I've updated the button down on the right hand side, under the "other places of interest", i've made them bigger (so you can actually read them) and updated the by request button

also underneath that, there is a new "hot search" facility i though i'd let you try out... as you use it to search, the key words will get bolder and/or change as each vistors uses it to find other interesting topics and the searches are supposed to get more and more relevant... as always feed back on these changes is welcome

Friday, June 02, 2006

happy birthday blog

happy birthday
believe it or not this blog is two years old!

for illustration friday's cake topic

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Burlesque - Art & Originaliy

Originally uploaded by geener.
As you know i love originality in art.... and dispair greatly at what is posted on yahoo groups & 360 sites, blogs and especially flickr... but there are exceptions , like eugene smith(aka genner) who post his art regularly of flickr as well as dialy on his everydaysketch blog

this sketch of a dancer is great but I really identify with his obervation" I did this one from a photo posted on The Drawing Club's blog. It's way too tight for my taste and doesn't have any of the spontaneity of a life drawing.".... it still damn good mate especially the legs & stocking

June calendar

June calendar
June calendar,
originally uploaded by sigh clone.
I've done something different with this months calendar... other than using a composite image... I've used the fd flikr toy's option to create one the size of a CD (jewel case)....

so you can print out this image... trim it up... and insert it in a spare CD cover, then put it on your desk or where ever as a "standup by itself" calender