Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Outdoor light

Watercolours on paper (by request)

Saturday, October 28, 2006

torso'ing on

LoveLove in damatic pose, Pencil 4B on Paper

Returning to LoveLove's torso in stronger colour.
Watercolour and neocolour crayon on paper

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Linda in muted tones

Watercolour & neocolour crayons

experimenting with new more muted colours, oxide green & umber in initial washes.

what is a fakr?

Originally uploaded by sigh clone.
A fakr, is a faker in flickr, someone that takes (steals is probably the best term) images from websites and post them on flickr as their own... they are swarming all over the more "adult" groups at the moment...

I have grown very weary of sending them polite emails before i remove them from the groups i moderate... so now I am just posting this "toon-like" image in their photo's comments.... I have realised they probably don't read much, but they may get the cartoon!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The stretch

watercolourand neocolour crayon on paper

based on a wonderful photo by GVK of Daisy Stems

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

More of Love Love

Watercolour & neocolour crayons on paper

Purple & Orange torso

returning to the torso

Watercolour on paper
'Love Love's Beautiful Torso in Red & yellow'

Art on Deviant Art

I did join up to deviant art with an open mind... but there are many of the same issues... image thieves, fakers, and a lot of "look at me" I'm a celebrity types... and good people in tears... what is happening to web communities?

BUT how tiny is everything on deviant art? I mean the icons for art in the gallery is positively large at 100 by 100 pixels (thats the maximum!) and what size font is that minus 10! ...its all to much for an old bloke with failing eyesight... big pity cause a lot of the art is wonderful AND they have a downlad to you mobile phone feature

Monday, October 23, 2006

Art on Flickr

Seems the NIPSA police are out and about again on flickr... anyone with a significant amount of art work on display is banned from public display... not that I am too worriwed I've been NIPDA'd for a long while.

Posting NUDES in public groups might also get you NIPSA'd or even deleted from Flickr

A lot of the nudes are just stollen from websites(more likely pornsite) so I'm not worried if such faklers get booted.... it just that there was a nice art community growing on flickr... so I might have to join deviant art after all

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Art on the net

From time to time I like to add a post about interesting things or places I find on the net... or more specifically thing i found on Wikipedia in this case... and today I want to post a little bit about art.net... it was at the places I am now, over a decade ago... and has already thought out many of the things about artist being on the net... well before me...

so visit them ...
If you are an aspiring artist read their manifesto and maybe join

If you appreciate good art visit some of the artists studios

If you want to read other art blogs

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

the torso

The torso has been a classic nude subject in art for centuries... the venus de milo is the example most know.. why do we remember her she has no arms.. her legs ar hidden.. at least she still has her head... why do so many artiost draw the torso... is it a blantant sexual act.. i don't think so... is it just to avoid the difficulties of drawing foreshortened limbs... maybe... is it the potenital beauty in the simple forms and curves... yes I think so... long live the torso in art

this museum space was created with dumpr.net museum

the greybot (s)

do you recognize this man... the greybot burglar... you have probably seen him (or her) without the mask... possibly a lot... that mystery flickr contact, with the name like "hotpants" ""sxyjane" "hugejon"... they always want to be your friend... but they don't have any photos and no buddy icon just the greybot.. be cautious they may not be who they seem... you may find your private posting stolen and posted elsewhere.... maybe everywhere

Monday, October 16, 2006

sea nypmh

Strong outdoor lighting is so hard
to paint... they range of tones is really too much for watercolour...
so I have had to cheat a lot... white paper... no wash at all... is high key
and some strong background color wash now... actually it looks good... i should do that more often... so cobalt and altramarine blue have been added to my pallette.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Icon idea

stop thief
Originally uploaded by sigh clone.
I trust this is not too mundane... I loved the bling text.... but it does not reduce in size well (something you need to remember when selecting an icon

Oh well back to the drawing board

thieves and other morons

Seems there has been a lot of childish behavior over at stolen pictures and it is now in its third incarnation as stop thief... being belligerent with trolls... fakes and sock puppets... who thinks up these terms?... is generally a pointless exercise... they tend to be vindictive and self obsessed... in other words they aren't going to listen the inevitable outcome is a pointless flame war

It seems they are pretty easily identified on flickr because they 1) don't shown there face on there buddy icon (buggar I only have a sketch... but it is of me) 2) don't have any pictures in there photos stream... or worst they have other peoples pictures... so the renewed stop thief group want an icon... should be easy... then I came across a nifty tool or applette of whatever that makes Bling text... mainly its for myspace but clearly it works here as well

MySpace Bling Text Maker

Thursday, October 05, 2006

The kylie sketches

I have deliberately choosen a limited pallette for this painting as I wanted to get back to concentrating of the tone, the shadow and highlights, which is the important thing i have learnt from my pencil sketches... each media has its own power and also unfortunately its own limits

ode to mable

Watercolours on paper, with neocolour crayon

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Manuela final painting

final  manuela

Watercolour on paper

I've added a very light crimson & orange glaze (a very thin wash) to the face and arm to enrich their skin tones...

manuela adding shadows

manuela with shadows
Originally uploaded by sigh clone.
Now I add some detail in the shadows using a soft graphic pencil6B. At this stage I also refine those lines I want to have showing in the final painting... the edges mainly

next... middle tones

manuela with middle tone
Originally uploaded by sigh clone.
The next step is to add middle tone, a less dilute yellow ochre... the start to locate some of teh darks using a purple

Monday, October 02, 2006

the underpainting(s)

manuela wash02
Originally uploaded by sigh clone.
This may be a litle risky.... but i decided to let you all watch the work in progress, as a step by step stage.... this is my first wash to get the light and shade areas defined... I'm using a diluted crisom damped with a little purple... two colours I think help he skin tone shadows look warm

I've left the washes very wet at this stage and not worried to much about the pooling or bleeding of colors... the wetness lets me blend the shadows and the accidents of colour blotching often make for more interesting "life" and engery in the fial work... sometimes they just ruin it... so this stage is full of risk... but such is life

manuela wash01

Sunday, October 01, 2006

uploading art onto your ipod

uploading art onto your ipod
Originally uploaded by sigh clone.
Loading artwork (and photos) into my nano ipod was not all that difficult in the end... it was the lack of instructions or more specifically how to find them, that surprised me...

if you are in the microsoft world, like me, get itunes 7, then when your ipod is connected you will see the photo tab (as shown above)... all you have to do is identify the subdirectory where you have the artwork (photos)... I called mine IPOD, how original... the only other tricky bit is putting the images on a bit of a diet... i found reducing them to 640 by 480 works well... but you can go as low as 320 by 240...both easy to do with picasa... the download process reformats the image anyway and altough you can save higher resolution you will not be able to see it and you'll just use up space on your ipod

if you have an apple Mac epic empire epic has a video tutorial on uploading from a mac