Friday, August 01, 2008

Art on technology ...just got closer

Regular readers will know I have been rabitting on for a while about the need to get more original art onto the many screens that make up out interaction with that thing called the internet ...only there is more too it than that ... the many devices and style of communication we have today is instant and all embracing but it is sterile and cold ... it has no soul ... ok some myspace and facebook sites can be over-loaded with too much kitch paraphernalia, but unfortunately most of that is mass copied, generally without the original creators permission ...well I do think there is a better way ... and so i have created a mobilephone friendly online sketckbook over at tumblr.

My works that I place here are all covered by a CC (creative commons) license, so you are free to copy and use them for private purposes, such as a screen wallpaper on your phone (but you can not use then for any commercial purpose, like including them in something for sale or where they are display on a site that earns you advertising revenue etc). But please seek permission from sigh and the models concerned if you with to display them on a website, blog homepage. It will generally be granted.

Creative Commons License

If you have a mobilephone or iphone with WAP or WiFi access, point its browser at the following address. That's all that is required.

Alternatively if your phone can read QRcodes aim its camera at the code below

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