Saturday, September 29, 2007

puck U miss

Move over Kath and Kim... there is a new show in town that everyone is watching... (and hoping they don't see themselves in)... its another little mockumentary called summer heights of all they have their own website with some fully excellent ways to waste time, like with games, video clips and such.

belated party feed

A twitter feed of AFL news

Its the last saturday in september and I'm hosting a "not really a grandfinal" party, this afternoon, there is music and videos inside for te anti-AFLtypes, but I wanted to have a place out on the balcony... (not for the smokers... they were not invited and anyone my age who smoked is already dead anyway) but for those who simply must be kept in the loop... so I had the idea of looking on twitter and fortunately their is an AFLBOT which I can put on an old TV screen... for the more keyboard obsessed there is also the aflcast which points you to breaking afl news and other related netfeeds.... if your don't know what AFL is? too bad!

Was a good idea but didn't work out... ended up getting the audio of the ABC Grandstand coverage

Congratulations to the cats.

Monday, September 24, 2007

where are the bobos?

Check out the book on amazon
No its not a typo in the title... For some time now i have been called the "bourgeois bohemian"... with a specific single handed double quotes gesture... I was starting to think of it as some kind of award...I thought it was because I always ask, "where are the bohemians?", as a rather stale attempt at party conversation that has since become a bit of a habit. I do actually like interacting with the true bohemians... they are always interesting and passionate and couldn't care less about money and other social conventions... they are people that i find it easy to like... even when, or maybe because they commit worse fashion crimes than I... anyway i now discover that I am actually supposed to be a BOBO (as in Bourgeois Bohemians) and that term comes from a recent book called "BOBOS in Paradise"... it is well written and I am having a laugh, because I recognize so many of the characteristics of the idle rich who yearn to be BOBOs... so know I will be asking "show me to the poor bohemians"

Sunday, September 16, 2007

IF you are late for your wedding?

For IllustratonFriday's theme weddings

I was thinking about the angry penguins, a group of radical writers in the 40s,in an otherwise very conservative Australia, not weddings or marriage and this cartoon just popped out.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Soft Pencil Sketch (photogaphed rather than scanned)

Monday, September 10, 2007

the lifeclass

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Get your ART fix everyday

I was looking at the range of google gadget, and found one to put art on your technology, called art for today... there are gadget for everything including games. I'll add a couple these gadget down in the other places of interest section on the right hand side and change them from time to time.

mucking around with different media (again)

Soft Charcoal Compressed Charcoal Watercolour Wash
This is another lifeclass series of quick sketches of the same pose but each in different media, starting with soft charcoal and soft pencil, through compressed charcoal stick and onto watercolour wash.

Is there something deeply psychological in the fact that i was the only one to draw the shadows

Friday, September 07, 2007

We are (not) amused

In actual fact i did think the false motorcade, and osama costume was both funny and a sad reflection on the fultility of all the extra security hype that is cluttering our airways.

chaser osama chaser apec stunt
chaser apec fake ID
"The only thing they posed a risk to ultimately is our senses of humour,"

The boys have been naughty again.

I like the ABC Chaser's War on Everything so much I now subscribe to their vodcasts, if you have itunes, you can subscribe using this link... my ipod nano doesn't do video but my psp does.

Here is some of their work, also about APEC security, from earlier this week -

toktok pidgin

I'm trying to simplify my on-line life, go on a email/chat/IM/social network diet so to speak... and it sound easier than it is. I would not describe myself as an addict but as twitter has shown me it doesn't take long to get out of the loop these days, flickr/yahoo are conspiring to frustrate me, myspace and facebook are not my scene and second life just leaves me cold. So what does an old bloke do.... start speaking in new language of course...

NO it is not a new languauge at all Pidgin is the portable apps upgade of GAIM, that lets you converse across several IM systems, including GTalk, Yahoo and Msn... and while I'm here I should plug portable apps, you can install them on a USB memory stick and carry around your most useful applications, including even the great free graphics software GIMP... everything useful on one memmory stich now that is a diet!

flickr hiccup over...

September FlickrFunMat, originally uploaded by sigh clone.

We'll it looks like my earlier harsh judgment of flickr was a bit premature... now all i ill have to do is figure out why i am unsafe when I have always been a advocate of self filtering...


Thursday, September 06, 2007

ok I deserved it...

ok I deserved it... I'm a crank pants... but my fellow life class student's made me buy a beyondblue wristband... so I looked up the beyondblue website and realized just how many people are suffering, anxiety and depression in silence, so if thats you don't... help ...and as for me ...the blue wristband will stay on till my splints come off.

What did i expect...

cyclone mad
cyclone mad,
originally uploaded by sigh clone.
I have been mulling over where to shift my yahoo photo collection for some time.... you see Yahoo bought out flickr and they want to close their yahoo photo facility... and they offered to send your photos (in my case dominately art work) to several other sites, which included flickr... i procrastinated, what do you expect... but notice they now offered 3 months pro-account on flickr.... so I signed up.... i new i had a few images duplicated, bu i figured with the added power of a pro account I would be able to sort it out.... i'm also laid upo at the moment so it would be a good project or so I though.... ok i had to wait a few days till the transfer was done but then i got the message that every thing was transfered abd the public images from yahoo were now private... click here to make them public again.... Hmmm

I did follow instructions, seems its a little more than hiccups, now I am totally locked out of access to the organizer.... such is life, on the unsafe side of flickr iI suppose

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

on the mend

I'm working on the principle that...
a sketch a day will keep the doctor away

watercolour wash on paper (mainly wet on wet, limited palette exercise, burnt sienna, alizarin crimson, ultramarine)

I trust this one is not too cheeky!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Does NUDE always have to be considered LEWD

The australian public are being bombarded with a lot of governent funded ads, many about something-nothing (ie just to make the unthinking actually think that the government is doing stuff, co-incidentally just before an election)... anyway last night it was the netalert campaign blitz, and the govenrment are providing free anti-porn filters for anyone to download. Is this, along with the security fence in sydney good use of tax payers money? Am I becoming too cynical?

Don't get me wrong, I do encourage the use of net filters and parental invovlment on internet usage, it is just I feel strongly that a piece of software is not a substitute for parental care. Parents please take an interest, share your time and experience with your kids (including the net savvy adolescent ones, whom these filters are unlikely to stop anyway).

The net alert site even has some good advice here.

Monday, September 03, 2007

continuing the protest theme

Billy Warhol, a flickr mate, active over at the orange fridays, drew this to my attention, the imagery is wonderful and the song isn't so bad either.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

The cost of freedom

Sydney woke to find it has become traversed by a big ulgy fence.. is it caging the inhabitants in? .... keeping the unwelcome out? ... or it is the cost of being allowed to protest? ... correction thinking we are allowed to protest? ....or truly just security for those visiting APEC that have a lot on death and destruction on their conscience? ... will it keep terrorists out, so they can kill the innocent, instead of the guilty?

NO maybe it just to scare us all a little

inspiration into art

Pastel sketch becomes a painting

When does ART stART?

Is it in the first few marks made, during the inspiration, extracted as the work is developed, or is it only fermented in the mind of an appreciative viewer?

This is my attempt a special "gift" to my regular readers, for bring this humble blog all the way to 20,000 visitors...

new toys

There are an ever increasing number of applications and "toys", turning up for twitter these days... well i call them toys, they are fun things to play with... Twitter blocks is an amazing 3D staircase world that tracks conversation threads across your friends and followers... but don't get yourself too deeply embedded, you may never return from this esheresque labyrinth.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

IF through the looking glass... sort of stuff

for illustration friday's topic alphabets, loosely inspired by alice in wonderland meets vegetable soup, and the I ate this trend on mobile phone cameras and flickr is also my first artwork, since i had my broken wrist strapped in a splint!

deja vu...

Great Twitter cartoon by Hugh
This cartoon, by hugh of gaping voids blog, really amused me.