Wednesday, October 29, 2008

why is the blindman sketching?

Today I noticed a little girl watching me ... well I felt it first ... but she was watching me intently ... and eventually she asked her grandmum "why is the blindman sketching?"

Why is the blindman always sketching? on TwitPic

The answer is because i can ... and secondly i'm still a long way from being trely blind ... my vision impairment might make me "blind" from driving a car perspective but I can discern a few things in the blurred out glare I take for site now ... what more I don't think seeing and drawing are all that closely related ... maybe more on that later when I learn to type better in this mist and/or can understand when the narrator is stumbling on pronounciation or its really a typo! c'est la vie

(scanning and loading this sketch has taken forever ... still it was a tiny victory for independance)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Yummy Mummies its time to stand up

With the rapid loss of vision I have been confined to being a pedestrian and there is a limited place I'm allowed out on my own (very long story there that will remain untold)... anyway I am allowed to meander around the shops and coffee houses of maling road ... it an upmarket shopping strip beside canterbury stations ... deep in the inner east of melbourne ... not the haunt of old blokes, or even bohemians though.... is an expensive shopfest for yummy mummies ...these poor stressed out folk have the expensive clothes the silver four wheel drive and lots more tpo boot but they are terrorized by their screaming off spring ...its a conspiracy ...all the coffee shops have deep glass counters with the sweetest pinkest, sugar coated glittery, creamy with hundreds and tousnads-ist delight just at toddler level ... as soon as the spoilt brats eye lock on the content its tanturm time, scream, stamping of feet and a genuine looking set of tears for effect ..a flusteredf mum then grabs for her purse and orders the sweatly coloured goo "oh! and a baby'chino with that".... its all a bit distressing ...but I have some sound advice...

Yummy mummies learn to say NO!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

getting there ping at a time

this ease of access stuff in vista is starting to make sense ... but i'm almost ready to turn the narrator off, especially microsoft anne she just rambles on and on ...some highlights though are trying to listen with the LH michelle syntehic voice trying to read twitter ... it side splittingly funny

the pity is most other parts of the web are just lots of stuttering and noise ... ok google itself and google mail are clean enough ...trouble is i am rapidly loosing the motivation to blog, tweet and post my art see the real world is still full of delights, food, strong liquor, music, dancing and perfume ...and i don't have to listen to a scatter brain voice to be able to join in is for living

:) haha anne speaks emote

Monday, October 20, 2008

Just what I didn't want ...

I think like many other flickr'ites the new home page snuck on me up like a horrible nightmare ... well a bit fright at the very least ... my scare was heightened by the fact that my vision id dissapearing and I had just got a new PC running vista and a lot vision impaired aids to help me fill in the bit I can not see well enough including a sad lady that reads webpages in monotone of misprouncication that make kath and kim sound like custonians of the queens english ... now not only have the whole layout change it have become cluttered with srange noise I can not even being to understand. flickr was once a clean and tidy place to look at photos and other images ... not quite a on-line gallery but close enough it is a kitch clone of yahoo groups, myspace and facebook on all the worse of bling, glitz and gadgetry of glamourless me-too-ism sad

luckily the email end of flickrville is still nice and clean and I got nice invites to groups like I say no and we all hate the new homepage.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


complications not a word you want to hear after surgery damn damn damn ...i knew why i try to avid hospitals ... ahhh such is life ...but my vision is important and using computers is straining my already frustrated self ... so I'm going to give them a break ...take all the medicine and be a good boy

.... but I reckon you won't be able to stop me drawing, sketching or painting ... even though they might be tending to the abstract

Sunday, October 05, 2008


watercolour on paper

Friday, October 03, 2008

reckless in charge of a pencil

I have been having to visit the big smoke ... the eye & ear hospital regularly and I haven't managed to find a good coffee shop ( nearby so i have become a bit promiscuous, for a coffee drinker, and have been drinking around... well this morning at a chain-style cafe I was told I had to stop sketching and would I like to leave...What the?

This is the offending sketch... its a little dirty because a latter charcoal effort has rubbed off onto it ... such is life ... not sure what the problem was was just two girls in shorts ... ok they were very short ... having a ciggy outside and joking around ... they are not in some kind of embrace ... just having fun out in the sun ... all pretty innocent to me ... maybe itis the sketching itself that is the bad habit the same way that you can not take pictures at the nearby train station ...maybe terrorist have taken up sketching and I was comprimising national security.

Well I wont be drinking there again so I'm still looking for a nice cafe at the top end of melbourne between parliment station and the eye & ear hospital? ...all recommendations welcomed.

...thought i needed to add the aussie crawl song reckless, one of my favs ...she don't like kinda behaviour

Thursday, October 02, 2008

less can be more

i'm struggling ... i'll admit that ... not just on the eye front, my work if frustrating me ... i am wrecking more and more works, i just can't stop overdoing it ...i need to remember that I don't need to glaze and put thin washes over eveerything ... sometimes it is the very fewest of shapes and lines and colours that gives the strongest emotions ... and the time to stop!