Thursday, July 24, 2008

Good Content Trading & Timer Wasters

I'm glad to see that it is not only me ...that is a bit taken aback when trying to use an Apple Mac after becoming used to something else (aka microsofts various window clones, XP being my current burden) ...BUT what is the great appeal ... ok it does some basic things easily ... BUT it only does things ... there are never any buttons or switches to the creative stuff ...or even the mundane ... and everything seems to depend on tracking the mouse around the screen and a number of twickes on the mouse ...just getting the mouse trained to interpret my hand movements seemed a task and a half. me thinks the apple mac is for those people with a lot of time on there hands and not a lot of things to actually do

...SO where does that leave me ... I'm really a self taught user butIi'm already leaning towards the open source community ... yes all those geeks ... they are actually the creative folk the peoples I think I need to be with .... not the flashy "look at me" types in second life and with the noisey overtop myspace and facebook pages filled with every glitzy widget there is ... it is definitely time to start putting a tax... opps I mean TRADING SCHEME .... on GOOD CONTENT ... we need to realize that there is only a finite bandwidth and time to absorb it ...lets get rid of the me-too pollution on the interwebs

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