Monday, August 09, 2004

wasting bandwidth

being keen to practice I logged into the chat rooms early…. but the rooms were full… then when I did get in…. i was constantly booted whenever I turned on my webcam… I’m starting to suspect that it is those annoying "hi there. I’m about to get naked " bots that rudely IM you all the time... that cause the booting... maybe there is a limit to the number of windows you can have open or something… is there an unwritten tax on wasting bandwidth, or something similar.

bloody yahoo & bots

a small sketch of candy apples(pencil rub on paper over a textured backing) Posted by Hello

well I started a sketch or two, this one was trying to reproduce the same heavily overrubbed style of a sketch I did for terry a while back. but eventually gave up my on-line practice... but I did play around with watercolour… returning to a couple of sketches I was disappointed with... and of course the colours flourished... more scans later when they have dried out

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