Friday, August 06, 2004

in the company of real men

I’ve been back down to my beach place… its up on the side of a sand dune & there is no access for delivering the building material… so I foolishly promised the builder I’d organize it… so I hire half a dozen guys from work for the dole and my deaf mate came along… he has got the job with a local survey crew I recommended him for, but he came along on his rod (rostered day off) because he didn’t believe it would be possible hand deliver a house load of timber by hand… well we did with the help of a hand winch and timber rails for the biggest beams… together with a fetch and carry chain gang style approach.

after a couple of weeks under the care of lovely girls… that truly cared for me… I was pleased to get away from all the emotional trauma… & shopping! pity its was so cold & wet and such hard work… but there are no emotions amongst blokes… stop whimpering robbo and just put it on your shoulder and carry it to that pile…

to overcome the boredom of the task we had music, one of the team had a massive sound system in his care that blasted and vibrated… was impressing 500m away… trouble was we only has 3 CDs… and one was trouble by pink, the most popular was AC/DC’s thunderstruck… no surprises there… & the last a band I’ve not heard off, a local band called jet, very reminiscent of the early beatles… the track that I can stop humming is look what you have done, you’ve made a fool of everyone…! Déjà vu again..

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