Tuesday, August 03, 2004

men are born into trouble

its been one of those days... i should have just stayed in bed... at least there is one big lesson i have learn and not write about it in this blog.

so what to do now... get drunk i suppose... but i never drink alone... well thats not exactly true I often have a campari & soda in airport lounges... I don't mind a good malt whiskey... but i only drink fine malts is someone else is paying.. Hmmm what to do... ?

I wonder what going on in Yahoo! chatland... lots of booting thats what.......

I wonder if there is a cocktail called remorse..? lets check the web... no luck on The Webtender

just have to draw my own emote then... and try to perfect the vodka martini, with a dash of bitters instead of an olive

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