Saturday, August 28, 2004

remote (ie not on-line) & enjoying real life...

Friday was a busy day... the main task being to get two large water tanks up a sand dune... i had disquieting premonitions of old blokes chase the rolling over-sized barrels down the hill.. stella artois style... like the ad in the snow where an antique citroen saves the day, but not itself.. well the worries were unfounded but it was a decent
amount of hard work all the same.

Today I pub day here in victoria.. not sure what that means but some pubs are
giving free beer with lunch... and why not we also get a holdiay for a horse race...a large pepper steak and a free beer were much appreciated... I got 13 in the quiz

(reminds himself to update this message with links, this entry has
been emailed in, a blogger feature I really like, well done googletwo points... for gmail and blogger.. yahoo you are still yet to score

well I've had to take away half a point from google becaus of all the funny caharcters like this --> …) instead of this -->... when I email in my blogs

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