Thursday, August 05, 2004

strawberry daiquiri & gorgeous model(s)

I was deteremined to continue the art therapy and noticed a good friend terry was on-line to i visited her in Big Bellied Ladies and Admirers... what a lot of fun was had... mostly at my expense... as I struggled with the bloody booting gods of yahoo... the bastards really got me frustrated... even made me drop a few buggars... ok enough french for now

the adanboned first wash of baby Posted by Hello

... but the ladies didn't frustrate me... we shared champers and even the very classy strawberry daiquiri.... a joyfull cocktail to mix... actual you don't mix a daiquiri you muddle one... using a suitable thick wooden stick... which is called a middling stick & yes ladies 6 to 8 inches long would be a very satisfactory... it is used to pound the ripe berries into a pulp... this cockatil must be serve immediately to appreciate the fragrance...

my first model was the very gorgeous babi... who has the most elluring eyes... my sketchs don't do them justice though..!

then I did a pencil sketch of lotta, in between many and painfull bootings... she was worried she needed more colour... i think you are pretty enough without makeup

a watercolour baby looks on (finished with colour pencil) Posted by Hello

i had to finish off my watercolour òf baby off-line.... & i really worry i have the eyes wrong tough... but overall a great evening.... thanks ladies...i think i have realised gaugain's de calme de l'art...

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