Tuesday, August 10, 2004

good news & un petite aggro

A visit to the eye specialist has confirmed what I already know... my
vision is returning
... and I can drive now, so shhh I haven't been
driving for the past to weeks it wasn't me
... I'm going to have to stay
on the steroid drops for another 4 weeks... they slow the healing of the
cornea, which will stop serious scaring.. except for the fact that I
won't be able to compete in the Olympics, I guess it's a good

there has been a bit of agro in blog land, I joined up with the
australian blog alliance.. and now I'm supposed to be member of a
secret right wing conspirancy
... sorry niall mate I'm not secretative
at all, i just like to draw bigger girls.. is that a sin now as
well..? but why do I have to keep my hands to myself..? does that mean i have to grow up..???

i actuallydo wish promote free speech so is you want to follow the discourses... expressing your opinion is fine are long as you avoid being hurtfull.. you can read about 'our' virtual thumbs down

Niall's post: http://ardrighs.com/weblog/archives/006928.php
Mike jericho's response: http://ozbloggers.blogspot.com/

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