Sunday, August 15, 2004

The tempest & a the importance of a smile

i hope hurricane charlie, i thought hurricanes were supposed to have girls names, hasn’t cause any grief to any of my BBW friends… the power of nature can be pretty awesome at times and gentle at others... that is life... it is sad that 19 people have been killed but over the same period 160 people were killed at gatumba refugee camp in barundi, then there is the situation in the sudan... the sad part is that disasters has been firmly predicted and would have been easy to avoid if enough people cared

One thing I've noticed is that my technique of just building up the shading... seems to capture expression in a better way than trying to draw lines around facial expresions... the expression just appears... but the big worry has been the number of models that look very worried (see click girl below)... I'd prefer my models didn't look scare of me... c'est la vie (yet again)

a very kissable smile in pencil Posted by Hello

you may have noticed that I haven’t been writing much about life outside the net and sketching… well I’m trying to avoid a major stormy situation... and anyway I promised not to..!

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