Monday, August 23, 2004

living life at both ends

its been work, more work at my place or party central since I've been back.... not that i'm complaining... but my net time has been a little restricted... melbourne where I'm staying is a pretty sports mad place, which is good...! however with the olympics having most event in the middle of the night, melbourne time... the sleep deprivation is starting to show on the general citizens... everywhere you go there are big screen TVs convering the olympics... the sceen below was of a group or girls at a pub around midnight last night cheering for the australian womens basketballer... the opals... racheal sporn, had just scored on a penalty shot

supporting the opals Posted by Hello

This is just a light chinese ink wash with some soft pencil detail, wet on wet. I was really taken by the effect of the shadows looking into the light... it is probably a 3-5 minute sketch... i was pleased with the result

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