Sunday, August 08, 2004

a close game & a lots of cocktail fun

another good hockey game... I’m becoming quiet a fan... then it was a big fundraiser for the team…. a dress up party… based on connie and carla, or your favorite show tune characters… well I’ve never seen so many girls dress as blokes dressed as girls and vicer versa… I had the job of bar tender… my costume my shorts and hibiscus shirt… south pacific of course!

The big hit of the party… well after the show tune karaoke..! was my seven deadly sins cocktails… nut I had to change envy… at $70/bottle I had soon ran out of absinthe... so i subsituted midori, no one noticed...

here is my all original the sin of envy cocktail mix… places a sugar cube in chilled shot glass and carefully begin to layering, starting with absinthe, aka the green fairy... which was very appropriate for the night… next add a centimeter of sambuca & finally lay on some green chartreuse up to the rim

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