Saturday, August 14, 2004

a quick watercolour & a big insight

it might be nice to appear famous… click girl had been chasing me for days... but I soon learned she wanted a sketch of herself most urgently, not for herself but as a present.. then I realized a really big thing about trying to be an artist...

click girl wants a portrait (watercolour) Posted by Hello

to an artist, a work is a performance, everything gets absorbed in the act… to everyone else art is a product… so I trust this performance was suitable

say hello to your mum for me


Anonymous said...

Hey I didn't mean to harass you cyclone. I'm just enthusiastic and I really love this watercolour, so does my mum.

big kiss
click girl

Cyclone said...

glad you like the watercolour... i do like the watercolour just you look a bit terrified of me in it...

Mike Jericho said...

I love this piece mate. You've really captured a kind of shy animus in her face.

You ever sell any of your work?

Anonymous said...

So I wear my feeling on my sleave :(

Actually all my friends and family are amazed at how much this sketch shows the inner me.

Has anyone seen sigh recently?

click girl