Monday, July 26, 2004

stir crazy

i don't like the cold & i like being inside even less... but i have promised to be good... on saturday my eyes where so swollen it looked like i'd been beaten up... and so it was back, to those bloody bright lights... i unwisely swore no more late drinks and parties.. (my fingers were crossed..

now i've been dragged off to a herbalist, for detoxification (an ugly word meaning no grog) and rehydration... bloody hell this being cared for is the pits... my body aches all over... before i fely ok i just couldn't see... how do i know milk thistle in't a form of deadly night shade

between stiring the froth on yet another capucinno into an amusing pattern and moaning about my health regime, i've been practicing a bit more on the idea of just using shadows for form... i know its really old fashion but its cheap therapy...

more practise at feet & legs in pencil Posted by Hello

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