Friday, July 30, 2004

a private session with jali

I had a lot of fun back in freaky fat chicks last night... and i could almost keep up... then I got the bad news that jali's watercolour had vanished... it had..! so I found in my archive and its uploaded below... but I started some new sketches in pencil.. very soft graphite pencil in fact... as way of compensation

a struggle with composition and shadows Posted by Hello

it was time to start a proper nude and jali was happy to model but without my web cam on.. anyway I started out fairly conventionally... yet it was hard to get a good composition with the reclined position... but after a fair bit of silliness with font sizes... ( so jali could read my instructions for so far away from the screen ) this turned out ok..

during a break for the model, and change of position, it found a much better composition, that became a much more powerful sketch... ruban's would be pleased!

thanks jali

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