Friday, July 09, 2004

all the time in the world.

My computer has crashed,and everything is lost... well I can't get past the your system file is corrupted insert your recovery disk and press R... Grrrrr... more likely

I don't have a recovery disk and there are no real shops, especially computer shops on this island!

What I do have is my trusty sketch pad and plenty of time... now how to keep blogging... (thinks) i can write down my thoughts each day,... wow how smart is that... hang on! I think I'm just doing something people have been doing for years... keeping a diary, writing a journal!

well let the paper part of cyclone's sketchbook journal begin...

Well its sunny and the lagoon is glistening blue, the village women are out scavanging across the exposed reef... really I should be sketching this not describing it... (writing stops & turn the page)

(One day, when I return to civilisation, I will indead scan that sketch, but for now I'm just using a bit of borrowed time on a hotel computer to type and send this so the blog can go one, maybe delayed a day or so)

In the solomn island the story goes... god was kind and gave the white men wonderful watches, so they could spend all day watching time pass, but god gave the locals time,... all the time in the world.

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