Thursday, July 22, 2004

an outing

i will admit i'm not a good patient, but my carer told me to stop mopping about and come shopping... i did on one condition... that i could go to an art shop... they had great stuff, i bought some good papers and sketch books... I was also allowed to stay by myself and have a coffee.. so i started trying out a new sketch book and pencils... the ladies trying on new shoes in the shop next door didn't seem to mind me sketching their ankles... but my carer returned she took away my pencils...what did i do! is their a law about drawing in shopping arades... getting into trouble, i must be on the mend

Pencil sketch (feet are something i find hard to draw) Posted by Hello

Below is an old sketch, a favourite that was lost for a while, but i found it again... it is of course the glowing cincy a little self concious about her scar... it was an early attempt at using straight water colour pencil on plane paper

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