Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Bright lights and more bright lights

When each doctors ask me about my eye(s) I honestly tell them the eyesare ok except when I look at strong lights....

so what do they do... shine bright lights in my eye!!!!

well it looks like I might have to stay put for a little while my vision is down to 8/8 in my left and 8/10 in my right. thats pretty close to not being able to see... my left cornea has had the worst time and it may be a week or so its a darkened room (no computers, shhh! i'm being naughty doing this...) and plenty of rest before the experts will know what improvements are likely....

(PS they didn't ban beer so things aren't so bad)

Excuse me sir, you have been randomly selected... Posted by Hello

Speaking of bright lights I had yet another specially selected search (I assume they are looking for explosives) at cairns on the domestic run down to melbourne. More bright lights, not being able to see... computer that didn't work.... a comedy of errors and to boot I ended up misplacing my boarding pass... luckily the qantas staff have a sense of humour and just printed me another.

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