Saturday, July 31, 2004

converting fame to notoriety

flushed wit the fame and success of last night.. i went and searched out an old painting... of the earth mother... unfortunately the image was viewed the girls with utter shock and horror... it was not appreciated at all... it is now back in hiding (except for the photo here of course)

the offensive earth mother "rock painting" Posted by Hello

i am actually proud of this painting & a bit pizzled.. it was done in western france about three years ago and is in the style of the paleolithic sites in the south of france and northern spain (they only depict animals)... whilst i didn't use natural ochres (i actually used kids powder paint)... i did work out how to use a mouth spray and various template shapes (mainly my hands and bits of cut-out cardboard) to create the painting on a boards covers with paster and sand to resemble a rock... the painitng is about 1 meter tall.

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