Wednesday, July 14, 2004

korsim dispela hap? … a long time arriving blog

this post was floating around on the net for a week after I tried uploading from my hotmail account… lets try gmail

on my way up here I didn't need to be concerned about missing my new addiction blogging, I missed about everything else!

I had planned to travel from cairns to honiara over two days and check out the suitability of a number of airfields on smaller islands along the way. Flights where delayed and connections missed… when you get to remote places and book on a charter flight to get somewhere else of the beaten track, well some curious economics take over… the charter doesn't go till everyone is ready… the local village chief or politician knows this so there is no hurry the plane won't leave
without them… then the operator will probably try to squeeze in a few more…. Do you reckon you'd mind if grandma tubbi tun comes as far as hoskins… just a little longer so we can take a load of chickens for the gamala village….the airfield on buka island was closed because the locals sat on the airstrip and refused to get off… no mate not till the weather clears enough to see the wind sock from here…

so a two day trip turned into 5 days. Everywhere we went the phones where out and I only got an occasional message in and out on the radio which only worked when it wasn't raining heavily or stormy… which wasn't to often

So what do you do without blog access… you can read.. sketch, well you could, if your sketch book wasn't in your luggage back at rabaul... sit under a suitable tree and watch the rain.. like most of the local expats.. search out the local bar and drink beer and chat with the larger than life characters.. going with the flow lets you find life can be interesting even when it isn't close to plan… getting up tight
was pointless. it would only have lead to even more worry…. I wrote on my only ticket stub, no suitable commercial services and my job was done, and time for another beer… that was on day 3...

Back in civilization, on guadalcanal and into day 6, I transfer the simple phrase onto a hotel fax sheet … much later I was informed the fax was broken… after a quick investigation I suggested to the operator he necessary to type in phone number before he pushes the send button… well I should have realized! I'd soon discover it
wouldn't make any difference. the phones are out here too.

day 13 and I get this email blog post back…korsim dispela hap (curse this place)… patience mate…. nothing happens quickly in the solomons

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