Wednesday, July 28, 2004

a big day out

well.. sorry no sketches today (well not yet!)... my eyes are well enough to venture out on my own... pity i picked a wet, drizzly day to do it... but freedom is a wonderful thing... i didn't go anywhere important but that is hardly important

one of the strange things that happened to me when I was just a blur, was a definite highetenning of both my hearing (except of course things like did you wash that... etc) and sense of smell.  well they seem to have come to stay... i helping at the supermarket... a place i had never been before and I was constantly think... yes chocolate in the next isle, and ... coffee... and... he must smoke a lot... they have fresh rambuttan and pineapple in the next isle.... no wonder her her is all a mess shes just had sex... no not that isle its all cleanning products... ah the bread is fresh... I got everything right (well one i'm not positive about)...

the biggest benefit is that fresh food tastes so wonderful... maybe i should get to the Queen Victoria Market tonight... just looked it up on the net... buggar its not open... might have to be fish and chips at half moon bay

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